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Thread: Pumping for baby in hospital

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    Hey, all...I am new here.
    Quick back story...I had planned a home birth with a midwife. However, I was driving home yesterday from doing errands, and I had a major contraction at 12:42. I kept driving, and they continued coming about every 1-2 minutes. I hadn't had any out of the ordinary contractions at all yesterday...other than ones that felt the same as the ones I had been having for days. I got home, and had to use the bathroom, went, and my 10 yr old daughter, Shayla, took one look at me and told me that the baby was coming, and she was going to call the midwife, and my hubby, who was at work. I told her no, it was okay, babies take a while to come. Well, I called the midwife and my hubby at 1:15. I was pushing 5 minutes later, and my daughter delivered Ava at 1:47--5 minutes before my husband and the midwife got there. None of us had any idea that things would go this fast...Ava nursed immediately after birth, and did very well. Latch was good, etc.
    Around 7 PM, my hubby noticed that Ava was grunting when she was breathing. The midwife told us to take her to the hospital. They admitted her to the NICU--the dr said she has aspiration pneumonia. He said it can often happen when babies are born so fast--they don't have time to get the amniotic fluid squeezed out of their lungs in the birth canal.
    Onto my reason for this post: I have told them no formula, no bottles, no pacis. I am willing to pump and syringe/tube/whatever feed her until she can nurse. But I only got a teeny bit of colustrum, maybe 1 cc each time.
    How often should I be pumping? Every 2 hours? Will the amount of colustrum increase? Or is that enough to give her? What is the best way to feed her while she is in the hospital? They won't let her eat anyway until her respirations go below 60/minute, and last night she was at about 65 or so. She is on oxygen, too.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks...she is my second baby, but my first is my 10 yr old, and we had no nursing problems at all...so this is all going to be new to me.
    I pumped late last night and early this AM, and only

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    hi mama, congratulations on your new baby and what an awesome birth and story!! you rock!

    so, until your baby can get latched, you should be pumping with a hospital grade every 2 hours around the clock. the hospital should have this, and you can rent one too if you're going home. it is normal just to have colostrum now, save it to give to her when you can. but it is enough for her - her stomach is TINY right now but will soon grow as she gets bigger. you said she latched at birth? i would do that as soon as possible. kangaroo/skin to skin is REALLY good for fragile babies - not that it sounds like yours is that fragile but still.

    we had good luck with an SNS - my DH put it on his pinky finger. but i don't know if that could also cause some nipple confusion; syringe might be better? there are more experienced mamas on here who will help you.

    go you!
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    Wow, mama, what a story! Your older daughter sounds like an amazing little person with keen instincts and a cool head. I'm sorry that such a terrific homebirth culminated with baby ending up in the hospital.

    I am not sure about amounts, when it comes to how much a newborn baby needs. But I do know that you want to pump frequently- every 2 hours is perfect, but don't be afraid to pump more frequently if there is an opportunity. The more stimulation you give the breast, the faster your milk will come in and the more colostrum you will get. You also want to be using a really good pump. Hospital grade rental with correctly sized shields is best, and if you don't have one call a lactation consultant, since she can probably rent you one and help you with shield sizing.

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    Basically, you want to mimic a newborn nursing pattern to establish your milk. Pumping every 2 - 3 hours. Ask them if you can hold her skin to skin. it will help you both - you to bring in your milk, her to regulate her breathing. As often as possible.

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    Pump a lot. And don't worry about amounts. What you make is normal if she was nursing. And it is best that they aren't feeding her and messing with her latch. As soon as she can, latch her. If they want to feed her, I found it easier to feed colostrum via a syringe. It is thick and does not flow from a bottle well. They will probably give you nonsense about amounts, as they will want her to drink 2 oz, which is a huge amount for a newborn.

    It took me nine days to get where I had extra to store, so don't panic. It just takes a while for the tap to come on.

    Meanwhile, pump every 2-3 hours around the clock, for 120 minutes total a day.
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    I remember being a little discouraged at first at the very small amount I was pumping, but it is definitely normal. Pretty amazing story, by the way. Congrats and hope your little one gets better quickly.

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    Congrats on your daughter! What an amazing story! I agree not to be too concerned with output. But definitely save all that colostrum. I would finger or syringe feed. And get baby on the breast the second they let you. Be sure once you get a hold of her to do a ton of kangaroo care. Keep her in her diaper against your naked chest.

    Let us know how she is doing.
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    I have nothing to really add, but WOW does your daughter sound like an amazing, insightful, and wise little person. That's quite a life experience for such a young girl, you must be very proud of her

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