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Thread: teething or an allergy?

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    Default teething or an allergy?

    OKay, I really would LOVE some input on this. My perfectly healthy and super happy EBF 5Mo baby has over the last 3 days experienced the following:

    exibit A) she has cut her first 2 teeth & continues to show teething signs

    exibit B) has changed from a orange thick poo to a watery and very green poo

    exibit C) poops 4-5 times a day as opposed to the usual once per day

    exibit D) has a TERRIBLE diaper rash

    exibit E) seems to have some stomach cramping and pain and obviously cries when this happens, although she is happy during the rest of the day.

    Could these be teething symptoms or an allergy?? I have recently (about 2 or 3 weeks ago) stopped drinking cows milk just to be healthy, and switched to soy milk, but i still eat cheese, in small quantities. could it be a reaction to the cheese? or the soy milk? Any input is greatly appreciated! thanks!

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    Default Re: teething or an allergy?

    Since she's obviously teething, and the symptoms you're seeing coincide with the teething, I think this is (you guessed it) teething. If it was allergy it probably would have shown up previously. Also, the watery, green poop and diaper rash are often a byproduct of teething, since the baby produces copious amounts of drool which have weird effects on poop.

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    Default Re: teething or an allergy?

    I'm experiencing the same thing with my little one the past week or so. Eliminating dairy (and not replacing it with soy, since there is a lot of crossover in sensitivity), but not seeing any improvement. I really think it's teething. Which means there's probably not much we can do for them but it also means there's probably not much we NEED to do for them. Just give it time. Like mommal said, probably there would have been signs of allergy sooner, if it were allergy. Nevertheless, if it is allergy, it is likely that you would see some of the following: hives, other rashes, red ring of doom around the anus (not the skin of the bottom, but *right* around the anus), possible wheezing, etc.

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    Default Re: teething or an allergy?

    Sounds like teething. DD2 just cut her first 2 teeth not too long ago and when it was in the process of happening she had the same signs (except for the stomach noises and discomfort). Her poop smells awful around that time, too. Even with DD1 who just turned 3 and just finished cutting her last 2-yr molar
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