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Thread: She is starting to wean and i am so sad

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    Default She is starting to wean and i am so sad

    Hi all,
    It is official my LO is starting to wean. She is almost 9 months and takes ebm during the day. Latley she has wanted a bottle even on the week-end when i am around. My milk supply has dropped significantly in the last two months. I have noticed that it seems to be almost gone during the day. I try to pump but get very little now and even when i feed her she is still hungry. I have had to start using formula since i am no longer making enough milk for her day bottles. I am so sad. I want to keep night feeding as long as I can. I already miss feeding her during the day and i am welling up with tears thinking about her fully weaned.

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    Default Re: She is starting to wean and i am so sad

    I'm sorry you're feeling sad!
    If you really do not want to wean right now, you may be able to rebuild your milk supply. Sometimes supply can take a dip around the middle of the first year or so because of a variety of factors, including the return of fertility and introduction of solids, or a switch from on-demand to more scheduled feedings. I'm not sure if any of those apply to you or not. I had a period of lowered supply around that time, but now my supply has regulated back to meet the needs of my DD.
    Your LO may also have developed a nipple preference. It can happen at any time.
    If you want to give it another shot, I would recommend working on increasing your supply and keep offering the breast.
    Regardless of what happens, you've done better than most to make it this far.


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    Default Re: She is starting to wean and i am so sad

    I agree with the pp. If you are not ready to wean yet, there are lots of things you can try to boost your supply. Have you tried some of the herbals out there? Fenugreek worked wonders for me when I was having supply issues after I had a raging case of stomach/intestinal flu. I only had to take it a few days, and my supply was restored. I think I pumped, too, to keep supply going. Fenugreek is the same herb they use to flavor artifical maple syrup, so it's really safe to use.

    Either way, don't let guilt be your guide.....you've done great so far, so if you're not able to continue, it's OK. You've already given your lo a great start!


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    Default Re: She is starting to wean and i am so sad

    What helped me to restore my milk supply when it would dip (and it happened a few times)
    Mother's Milk Tea - I would make iced tea using 4 tea bags & 32 oz of water.
    Protein - eat lots of nuts, make "horchata" drinks out of sesame seeds or almonds.
    Pumped after most feedings - it tells your body to make more milk.
    Offer the breast often - I would offer the breast every couple of hours and would completely empty one breast before moving on to the next.
    Take care of yourself - nice long baths, plenty of rest, drink lots of liquids, take a prenatal vitamin every day, and eat well (never skip meals, try to eat lots of protein since this is what your body uses to make milk).
    Do stress relief techniques - Yoga and praying worked for me (I found that when I stressed my bm would take a dip).

    I hope you find something that works for you and know that this situation does not mean that your child is ready to wean. It may just mean that you might have to make some changes. You may overcome it completely, you may supplement with formula or you may decide to wean, whatever you do will be the right thing as long as you do it with lots of love...

    Good luck! We are here for you!


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    Default Re: She is starting to wean and i am so sad

    I have been struggling with supply for about 7 weeks now. I guess I am not really sure how long its been becuase it seems likes its geen going on forever! But this week I was finally able to pump enough to supply dd with her bottles for the sitter while I am at work, plus a little extra. I had been taking fenugreek for quite some time, but I think I finally got the does right, and we are back on trak. I also pumped until I literally couldn't pump anymore. The only feedings I didn't pump after were the night time feedings, and I tried to wait for a second letdown for all of my pump sessions while away from dd at work. I am so relieved, becuase I really wanted to continue until she was ready to wean. So, it can be done. The "nine month dip" as I like to call it, is not the end all!

    But like the pps, you have done a great job to make it this far, and you should not feel guilty in the least!

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    Default Re: She is starting to wean and i am so sad

    I have been drinking the Mothers milk tea. I figure I can at least try to pump a little supply. It helped me when i was having trouble in my fifth month. We are still feeding well at night and i think i can keep that up for awhile, right? Anyway feeding her during the day and early evening is getting close to impossible. She is not interested anymore. I have tried the dark room but she just gets angry and twists a handful of skin from my breast and boy does it hurt! Then she drops herself to the floor and will leave! Can't get anymore clear then that!lol. I am starting to feel a little better about letting her slowly stop. It seems to be more of her choice then mine. Besides i hope to have lots more LO's to BF.

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    Smile Re: She is starting to wean and i am so sad

    I just had the nine month dip and I am so happy that it is common!
    I was so worried that my supply would just continue to go down. I work full time, and I was pumping like a mad woman. I was pumping for cereal twice a day and at work twice a day for my baby's bottle while I was gone. I got my supply back up by using a lot less milk in the cereal and using applesauce instead. Also, I feed him millk before solids, so he is hungrier. My supply isn't a lot, but he doesn't need formula to supplement.
    I am afraid of weaning. I want to when he's ready, and I am trying to look forward to the freedom it will bring, but it makes me sad. I never thought I'd feel so attached to him. Him needing me means so much to me, and right now breastfeeding is such a big part of that for me.

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