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    Hi all, I have been obsessed with my son's sleeping and eating patterns. He will be 12 weeks on Monday and at his two month check up was 16 pounds. He is a big boy and is EBF.

    Everything I have read about naps and sleep is that babies his age should take lots of naps during the day and try to get them to nap at consistent times. But given that I feed on demand, there really isn't much consistency. He falls asleep when he wants. Sometimes on me, through coaxing or after a nice meal.

    Is it too early to worry about sleeping? He likes to take a nap at 5:30p but does that prevent him from sleeping at night? Everything I am reading says to put them to bed by 7-8p but it never seems to work that way for us. He usually nurses in the late afternoon/early evening and once he's up for a little bit he falls asleep usually around 5 or 6. Normal?

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    Stop reading.

    Babies are individuals just like adults. They each have their own individual sleep needs. Does every single one of us go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time? Why do we expect this of babies? Probably because the promise of more sleep sells books.

    That said, you can help establish "sleep times" by following a bedtime routine, where you are doing the same things at the same time every night. I imagine that you could try something similar for naps, but it would probably be much more difficult.

    I think naps tend to become more regular as babies get older. My son was a terrible napper as an infant. 15-20 minutes of sleep at random times throughout the day. His naps became much longer and more regular after he turned a year old. I think it was because he started walking (running, actually) and his body just needed a longer stretch of sleep every day to keep up with all that exercise.

    At any rate, I wouldn't worry to much about individual sleep patterns. Your baby's body knows how much sleep it needs better than any book.
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    I agree stop reading! Your baby cannot read those books, and in particular he did not WRITE the books!

    If you do want more info, this website has info on what real current research shows us about normal infant sleep. http://www.isisonline.org.uk/

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    Try to relax! While I think it's important to be fairly well-read and mindful about baby sleep habits, it's also important to just go with the flow with such a young baby (easier said than done, I realize). Sleep begets sleep so don't worry too much about him sleeping in the evening or too much during the day. My babies sleep better at night when they've had adequate daytime sleep. Overtired babies tend to be more restless at night. Let him sleep when he's sleepy and feed him when he's hungry! You'll start to see his patterns emerge soon.
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    This reminded me of my DD. She was very similar with the sleeping and eating habits at that age. I agree with the above comments. Stop obsessing and just enjoy these times while they last! My DD is 8 months now and sometimes she only takes two 30min naps during the day. Sounds like you and baby are doing great! No worries Mama =)

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