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Thread: full-time nursing.. when should i start pumping??

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    Default Re: full-time nursing.. when should i start pumping??

    WOW! Thank YOU LADIES! I was about to create a #fail!!!

    I am so glad I asked you guys! I was about to pump after each of her feedings to create a storage. I am so glad that I didn't do that! I would have been in some serious trouble. Dad does have it easy huh!? I would love to sleep for at least 8 hours, but with me eb I would have to get up anyway to pump.... So after we move--(I know, moving with a newborn and being sleep deprived) My mom will be giving us a break. I can't wait!! Im so excited!

    My little greedy Mc. Needy never gives me an option to pump. Its like when she hears the pump she wakes up crying like shes saying "NOOOO thats my JOB!!" lol. I will create a pumping schedule after this crazy hectic moving! Thanks again ladies
    Wife.Mother.Sister.Friend.ChildoftheKing. I am a mother to a bubbly preteen (12) and a very active newborn (4-24-12)

    Thank you ladies in advance for your support. I couldnt do it without you!!

    I and bottle fed (exclusively) until 5-28-12 when my sweet baby started back (exclusively) It has not been an easy road at all. I
    But now.... My sweet pea LOVES my BOOBIES!!!

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    Default Re: full-time nursing.. when should i start pumping??

    Sleep? SLEEP?

    Meh! I've already forgotten what that is. Nowadays, it's a miracle I get a 3 hour uninterrupted nap at night Even when you aren't breastfeeding, you think you could sleep longer... but newp! Gotta get up and pump otherwise you'll get plugged ducts.

    And yeah... mother's and mother-in-law's are heaven sent. Mine is helping around the house and helps hold the baby when she's being fussy. This gives me enough time to take a 15 minute nap or a quick shower.
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