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Thread: my milk has suddenly stopped coming in

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    Unhappy my milk has suddenly stopped coming in

    Over the past two weeks my 13 week old has had less of an appetite. She weighed 9'10 on 10-24 and was the same height and weight last week (exactly 2 weeks later). Now suddenly my milk won't come in. She gets frustrated and won't suck long enough to get it down. When it does come in (while pumping) I can barely get an oz. She is obviously hungry and I think becoming dehydrated. What do I do? I know I can try to increase my supply but I've read that can take a few days. I'm afraid we need to give her formula or atleast water. This is not just a growth spurt. How long will it take to get more milk? Can she wait that long? I know my stress about it is only making things worse, but I'm worried she's not getting enough and I want to avoid formula.

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    Sorry to hear you are having problems recently. I have low supply and my son did become dehydrated soon after birth and lost over a pound. I am no expert, but I would say that if your lo is not losing weight, I don't think you have to worry about dehydration. How are the wet/dirty diapers? That is the main indicator of whether you lo is getting enough milk. If there are at least 6 wet diapers a day that is proof your lo is not dehydrated. I have learned what infant dehydration is like. If there is rust colored urine that is a sign of dehydration. I called the lc where I delivered, nurseline, and peds office when my lo was 5 days old and told them he had rust colored urine and no one acted like was a big deal, but it is. So just be careful and watch your lo's diapers. I would not reccomend giving formula unless it is absolutely necessary. If you did not have supply problems before, perhaps you should try a nursing vacation. That will help get your supply up. If your baby is dehydrated, or for your own sanity--my local llll suggested giving one teaspoon of water every two hours during a nursing vacation to make sure the baby doesn't dehydrate. If you have expressed breastmilk, I think that you could just use that instead of water while you are building your supply. Good luck!

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    I agree with PP. As long as your lo is not losing weight everything is probably okay. Be sure to watch the wet/dirty diaper output. I wouldn't worry too much that you aren't getting much when you pump. Babies are much more efficient at expressing milk than a pump. Be very careful about the amount of water you give your lo. Our pediatrician told us that more than 2 oz of water per day can mess up your babies electrolytes and cause ceisures. I would try giving expressed breast milk or just feed on demand to get your supply up. The more your baby is on the breast the better it is for your supply.

    Good luck and don't give up.

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    Default Re: my milk has suddenly stopped coming in

    Sorry you're having problems! I don't have anything complicated to suggest, except that I suggest you first call a lactation consultant or LLL leader. They will have some suggestions on what to do now. There is usually a lc on call at the birthing unit at the hospital that would likely help you for free.

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