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Thread: Sleeping Baby (Or lack there of) help!

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    My daughter sleeps in a queen size bed. I nurse her down, slip away and then rejoin her after her first waking.

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    I recommend co-sleeping. I seem to remember that when DD was a much younger infant (0-3 or 4 months) I used to be able to nurse her down on the bed for naps and then sneak away for a short while if I needed to eat/do something. Around 4 months, and since then, I no longer can really sneak away. I'm okay with it. So I'm next to her for all her naps (and read or look online). She goes to bed at 7:30 and, as I've done since she was born, because I couldn't find another way, I go to bed when she does. I don't fall asleep then though! I really enjoy the time relaxing in bed-- I read for a while, and sometimes just watch the sky get darker and darker, and watch dd sleeping, until I fall asleep too. So much better than my tv watching days!

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    I put DD to sleep by nursing or comfort nursing in our bed anywhere from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. I leave the door open so I will hear her if she wakes up, but I am constantly checking on her too. Then my fiance will go to bed first before me usually. And then I will slip in between 11pm and 1am or so. She will usually wake up once before I come to bed and i will nurse her back to sleep.
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    According to a book titled "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child", at around 4 months babies start to sleep more like adults ), with actual sleep cycles (except in 30 minute cycles instead of 90 minutes, which often causes the '4 month sleep regression'. My DD went through it and by 8 months I was still kinda reeling from it because of one thing: I was not consistent. DD was extremely stubborn cosleeping wasn't an option because was on pain meds at the time and when I was 8 1/2 months prego he rolled on top of me and it took me a few minutes to wake him up because I couldn't move. After that we decided cosleeping wasn't safe for our family. Unfortunately, I had to use CIO methods because nothing else seemed to work. But again, whatever type of sleep training method you choose, you have to be consistent. DD would do well for like a week after sleep training and then get worse and I would have to start over. Eventually, I talked to pedi and they told me it can take 5-6 weeks of CONSISTENCY, even when using a cio method. Things well get better though, I promise!

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