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Thread: 11 Week old night time sleep & feeding schedule

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    I have a question about my 11 week old. He still is only doing one 4 hour stretch between feedings at night. A typical night is eats 6:00pm & 8:00pm and then sleeps and wake up around midnight. I feed at midnight and then he wakes every 2-3 hours and I feed him each time. This goes on until about 8:00am and then I get him up for about 30 minutes and he goes back to sleep for another 2-3 hours. He is always nursed to sleepiness (sometimes completely out and sometimes just sleep). He is obsessed with sucking and it is the only thing that really soothes him to sleep. In addition, he is swaddled tightly and sleep in a cradle swing with it on. I have tried no swaddle and he wakes himself up. I have tried the crib and he spits up. I have tried the cradle swing off and he doesn't stay asleep either. I have tried pacificers and he doesn't like them (doesn't like the bottle either).

    Should he be sleeping longer blocks at night yet since he is 11 weeks old? (He was born 10 days late). I am beginning to wonder if he is waking ever 2-3 hours at night so I can nurse him back to sleep since he can't self sooth to sleep. I am a zoombie from all the night feedings going on for almost 3 months. My first child was only waking 2x per night at this age but she was a great self soother.

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    hi mama,


    this is a totally normal sleeping pattern. you just got really lucky with your first! only about half of babies sleep through the night (defined as one 5 hour stretch) by six months. yes, he's waking every 2-3 hours at night so you can nurse him - because he's hungry! little babies need to eat really frequently.

    are there any ways you can minimize the nighttime disruption so you're more rested? like keeping baby in your bed or right next to your bed, not getting up and turning on a light, etc?
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    There's no "should" with young babies and sleep. The waking pattern you describe is normal. I suggest checking out Elizabeth Pantley's book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" for a realistic lok at infant sleep and for some gentle techniques which may help your LO sleep longer and more independently.

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    My 17 month old sleeps much the same way. Pretty normal.

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    My youngest woke up every 2 hours all night but my Ds2 sleeps like you describe. Totally normal. Babies will change sleep patters all the time for various or no reason at all. I co sleep and it helps greatly. I recommend it be done safely.
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    Sounds like a normal sleeping pattern. As for the swaddling/swing, I used a Rock and Play Sleeper with my daughter for about the first 4 months. It is shaped well so they don't startle themelves awake too much. I never swaddled my daughter after we brought her home from the hospital, I couldn't bear constricting her like that. But if it works then no harm in it, have you tried co-sleeping. The side laying nursing positon is great for co-sleeping. It lets you sleep while they are comforted and fed. I was nervous in the beginning about co-sleeping but now I don't know how i managed before! You are doing great, good luck.

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