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Thread: Water: to give or not to give?

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    I agree, water isn't necessary yet. When I was out and about the other day my baby had hiccups and a lady started saying to her in baby talk "Oh, mommy's gotta get you some water" over and over and I just smiled and nodded, haha. I just agree with what random people say, but know that I won't do it if I feel like it's not in my baby's best interest. If my parents give suggestions I don't agree with I tell them the way I want to do things and ask them to respect my choices, so far they have.
    As far as the pediatrician goes, I've learned to take everything they say with a grain of salt. My baby's doctor told me to put a little cereal in her bottle to help her sleep at night when she was 1 week old! Then proceeded to tell me that sometimes it can cause constipation so it would be okay to give her a little bit of Gerber juice. I was under the impression that doctors do NOT recommend cereal in a bottle except for some situations like reflux, so when she said to put cereal in my 1 week old baby's bottle I had to pick my jaw up off the floor! The juice suggestion was just icing on the cake.

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    Actually I did not even ask my pedi at all about breastfeeding. He asked about my lo's feeding habits and proceeded to give advices. My lo used to nurse for at least 40 min per breast in his very early days (around 1-2 week old) and the pedi said I should limit lo's time on the breast for a maximum of 15 min! Of cos I took none of his advices.

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