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    Hello, Im new to LLL, im a mum to a 2 years old & 9 week old, i stopped breastfeeding 2 weeks ago ( was combined breast and formula) due to a stay in hospital with youngest and jealousy issues with oldest but i so wanted breast feeding to work this time round.
    Any advice on getting my supply restarted would be great, and any tips on how to make this a success with a 2 year old needing my time aswell would be great! I hope to contact a local breast feeding advisor on monday if i can find one also.

    Thank you!

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    Will your little on latch on? That's the best way to stimulate your supply and get it back up. Two weeks isn't a super long time, it's definitely not too late to get your baby back on the breast and get your supply back on track! Nurse nurse nurse nurse, and nurse some more.

    Check out this link on reducing and weaning from formula - http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/basi...rease-formula/

    If latching is a problem for your baby, you may need to pump in addition to nursing to stimulate your supply. If your baby will latch, however, that's the BEST way to increase production.

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    with JoMo. If your baby won't latch on, techniques described in this link may help: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

    Jealousy in an older child is very common and very normal. It may help to get your older kid involved in baby care- have him/her select baby's outfits, bring you diapers and wipes, hold baby (very carefully, and with supervision!), sing songs for the baby, show baby his/her favorite toys, etc. If you can get your older kid to start thinking of the baby as a fun new activity, instead of a competitor for mom's attention, he/she may be less jealous. Individual attention is also a really good idea. If you cannot give it, then grandma, daddy, or a babysitter/Mother's helper might be able to step in and make your toddler feel special.

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