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Thread: DESPERATE! 3 week old has lost 15% of birth weight!

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    Default DESPERATE! 3 week old has lost 15% of birth weight!

    Hey guys. Im new to the forums. this is my desperate plea for help. I had my baby girl on May 15th. She weighed 6.10 at birth. We went in the monday after and she was 6 lbs. I know that babies lose weight after birth but that they should be back at their birth weight by 2 weeks. We went in because of Thrush at exactly 2 weeks. She was 6.5. They didnt like that she wasnt back at 6.10 but they said to keep EBF like i am. Well we went in for a weight check yesterday (a week later) and she is down to 5.10. I let the dr know that she is trowing up about 2-3 times a day. It wasnt projectile vomiting but it was def a lot. The dr sent us to go get an u/s done to check for pyloric stinosis. She passed that with flying colors. I believe that the throwing up has to do with the weight loss. He said he doesnt believe it do because its not after every feeding. She is classified now as "failure to thrive" because of her weight loss. the title alone scares me. Her diapers are great. We get plenty of peepee and poopie dipes a day. We have checked for tongue tie and she is clear of that as well. We were having some latching issues that have been fixed within the last week. Any thoughts? Im so scared and thinking of pumping and switching to formula just until she gets her weight back. right now I am pumping and giving her BM so that we can keep a record of how much she is taking in. We go in on Monday for another weight check.

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    Default Re: DESPERATE! 3 week old has lost 15% of birth weight!

    Congragulations on a new baby girl!


    I'm sorry to hear you are having so much trouble so early on! Could the throwing up be from lack of burping? Sometimes it takes awhile for my daughter to burp - I might have to carry/rock her for a good 10 minutes... even after a very short feeding! One time, 30 minutes after she drank and I burped her... she started crying and when I picked her up, she burped again and threw up milk all over me. Has the docter recommended formula? I supplemented some formula at the very beginning, until my breastmilk came in. You could always try to pump your breasts to encourage milk production (and you can physically see how much you are feeding her), but be careful not to overdo it! It could lead to overproduction, which is bad in the long-run...
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    Default Re: DESPERATE! 3 week old has lost 15% of birth weight!

    we burp often. also keep her upright for a little bit after feeding. most the time when she burps is when she throws up though. the dr hasn't recommended formula but has said if i wanted to i could. he is very supportive of my decision to EBF. im just so worried about her now im thinking of it. :/

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    Default Re: DESPERATE! 3 week old has lost 15% of birth weight!

    So sorry you're having trouble. Good for you for trying to fix it and not giving up. How often is your daughter eating? For how long? I would just make sure, since she's losing weight, to feed her every 2 hours at a minimum for however long she wants. Maybe even offer every hour during the day until she starts gaining some weight. So much weight loss in such a young baby is concerning; you need hands-on help to fix this problem sooner than later. Can you see a lactation consultant, preferably an international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC)? You may want to weigh your daughter on an extra sensitive scale before and after each feeding to make sure she's transferring enough milk. A lactation consultant should know where to get a scale like that and can look at your daughter's latch to see if there's a problem.

    Also, when she feeds, can you hear her swallowing? For how long does she keep swallowing? Have you tried breast compressions to encourage her to swallow for longer? That can help with sleepy newborns. I think for the time being, until she gains weight, pumping after each feeding and supplementing her with whatever you can pump is not a bad idea. How to supplement her is another question; you may want to look into getting a supplemental nursing system (SNS) which allows her to be supplemented at the breast and can help avoid her developing a preference for a bottle. A lactation consultant can advise you about an SNS; I've never personally used one. If you do give bottles, make sure to look into 'paced bottle feeding' (search the term 'paced bottle feeding' on the LLL website for a handout) and use the slowest flow nipple available to avoid developing a flow preference for the bottle. The most important thing at the moment, though, is to make sure she's getting enough milk and gaining weight. You can deal with any other issues later. Just keep feeding very frequently, pump and supplement after each feed if possible, and make sure to get frequent weight checks (if it were me, I'd be at the doctor's every other day checking her gain until she starts gaining steadily). And make sure to get some hands-on help from a lactation consultant sooner than later. If you can't afford a lactation consultant, go to a LLL meeting and get some help there in person. So much weight loss in such a little baby can be serious and you want to get help sooner than later. Good luck, and keep posting here. We're happy to help as much as we can.

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    Default Re: DESPERATE! 3 week old has lost 15% of birth weight!

    I find that dramatic a weight loss with no other issues very odd. Same scales, baby always in nothing or dry diaper only?

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    Default Re: DESPERATE! 3 week old has lost 15% of birth weight!

    i find it odd too. its always been the same scale and always in a dry diaper. they wont weigh her any other way. im looking at SNSs now. i really dont like or want to give her a bottle because of nipple confusion. im also going to the LLL meeting here but they only do them every first monday so i have a couple weeks before that. i know her dr isnt a LC but he did know a lot of information and did have me nurse her and watched her latch and her swallowing. she normally doesnt fall asleep until about 20 mins into nursing. im not sure how long till she stops swallowing though. ill time that next time we nurse. i did have a lot of issues with her latch until recently (like 3 days ago) but i was working with an LC that is out of state with pictures and her walking me through it and now we have the latch down perfect. thank god cause boy has it been a painful road.

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    Default Re: DESPERATE! 3 week old has lost 15% of birth weight!

    How many times a day does baby nurse and has baby been pooping and how much and what does it look like?

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    Default Re: DESPERATE! 3 week old has lost 15% of birth weight!

    Also if the poor latch caused the weight loss, things may start to improve now that that is better. When is next weigh in?

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    Default Re: DESPERATE! 3 week old has lost 15% of birth weight!

    Oh I see it's Monday. Ok time to nurse like mad.

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    Default Re: DESPERATE! 3 week old has lost 15% of birth weight!

    Pumping is a HORRIBLE indicator of supply, so be careful with this. Nurse, nurse nurse.

    Weird that the only symptom is weight loss. Did you have a ton of IV fluids during birth?
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