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    My 3 week old son has a mild posterior tongue tie and a quite thick upper lip tie. It causes him to have a shallow latch and swallow a lot of air. The air leaves him gassy and miserable. Just to be safe, I eliminated dairy a little over 3 weeks ago and stopped taking my prenatal. I know his latch is problematic because he clicks, squeaks and milk dribbles out of his mouth.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm trying to find a doc to clip the lip tie, but am having problems finding anyone to do it. Most docs are telling me he will break it on his own during a fall when he's learning to walk. That sounds barbaric, and doesn't help with my breastfeeding challenge!

    I like to consider myself breastfeeding knowledgeable--I'm tandem nursing my 3.5 year old--but haven't been able to find much about lip ties! Ironically, I had a lip tie that my ped clipped when I was 3 weeks old.

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    an oral surgeon?
    If his gas is related to the tongue tie I am wondering why you stopped taking your pre-natals?
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    Have you tried an ENT? That's who's done both of mine, but you may have to travel a bit.
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    Good golly. "it will break when he falls." Meanwhile, breastfeeding is seriously adversely affected, a very serious health concern! And I thought I had heard everything! Call around to your local LLL, local IBCLCs, breastfeeding coalition, or (in the US) your WIC office-someone is bound to be able to steer you to a doctor (or dentist) who will perform the needed surgery.

    Posterior tt can be very problematic for breastfeeding as well.

    I wonder if you can contact the Academy of Breastfeeding medicine to find a tt knowledgeable doctor in your area.
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    Oh good grief. A tie like you describe won't break n a fall. My toddler has severe lip tie and it is still there.

    Call local IBCLcs, ENTs, dentists, and your state Children's hospital.
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