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Thread: 8.75m old and balancing nursing and solids, very frustrating

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    Default 8.75m old and balancing nursing and solids, very frustrating

    I'm a Mama to an 8.75m old baby boy who was born early at 34 5/7weeks. He was in the NICU (completely separate from me ) for 11 days from the start - but we've established a decent nursing relationship due to hard work and perseverance. He's about 16.2lbs now and has 7-8 wets a day and on average 1 bowel movement... although I think he needs more that that - I believe solids isn't helping him in that area. My son is new to solids and seems eager at first to eat them, but prefers self-feeding (which because he's new, is limited in food choices). He's in that very distracted phase right now, and learning to crawl, so getting him to cooperate with nursing is a struggle. He'll nurse to nap for about 30mins for his 2 naps a day and often won't nurse for more than 30 seconds any other time I offer. I offer at least every 3 hours - if only for my piece of mind that I've offered. He'll nurse on average 3x during the sleep hours and 3-4x during waking hours for a normal day on the breast around 70-80 minutes. Seems fine for him... I'd prefer more.
    Since I DO offer, and he refuses - I feel a little helpless. Especially in the morning. When he wakes for the day, he usually refuses to nurse. Hasn't had any milk for at least 4-5 hours, and won't nurse a drop. And I don't know quite how to get going with solids. I don't want him to have solids without nursing, yet he's only wanting to nurse if he's going down for a nap. What to do?
    It's really important to me that we keep our nursing relationship going as long as possible, but I want to be sure his needs are being met (even if they aren't how I perceive they should be met) Should I start giving him solids in the morning without our milk-time anyway? I HAVE to hope he's getting enough milk from the schedule he's chosen, because he's happy and has enough nappies... but I guess I just question it all?? What would other Mama's do in my place? I can't force him to nurse? I've tried a bottle of Mama-milk too... just doesn't want it! Much more interested in getting up and playing, that's for sure.

    Right now, we only do solid foods once a day (dinnerish) and they consist of whole foods usually, avocado, banana, maybe a Sprout brand packet of foods, and I offer water in a sippy which is very new and not exactly welcomed. He may snack on a handfull of HappyBaby Puffs or a Mum-Mum in the afternoon - as he LOVES those. I'd like to expand our solids to include a breakfast. I just don't know how to go about it. Any tips, thoughts, comments? Should I just stop worrying so darn much? =)

    Thanks and Cheers!
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    Default Re: 8.75m old and balancing nursing and solids, very frustra

    Yup, as usual with breastfed babies, the answer is: stop worrying so much!

    Until around the first birthday, a baby doesn't have a nutritional need for solids. They are just for fun with new tastes, textures, and motor skills. This is in part because it's really hard to get a balanced diet of solids into a baby, but really easy to give a baby a balanced diet if he consumes all or mostly breastmilk. Since your baby is currently nursing 3-4 times during the day and 3 times at night, his milk intake is probably about what it should be for this age, and his diaper output shows that since it's right on target.

    I would simply continue to do what you are doing. I don't think it would hurt to offer breakfast at this point, maybe some cereal thinned out with milk? And see if anything changes if you do start offering solids in the morning. If he drops more nursing sessions, back off on solids again.

    ETA: is your LO on a daily multivitamin or iron supplement? Since he was premature that's probably what a doc would recommend.

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    Default Re: 8.75m old and balancing nursing and solids, very frustra

    My 20 month old still hardly eats breakfast (or anything else, for that matter). I can only get her to eat eggs, sometimes oatmeal, and only if she really feels like it. I really worried about it until a more experienced mom pointed out that she's probably just not hungry after nursing several times at night.

    At this age, my LO was very interested in trying out her new skills, so nursing sometimes didn't happen with as much regularity as it had before. She came around and is still nursing 8-10x per day.

    If you are really wanting to nurse as long as possible, don't try to force solids on him. He will come around to food in his own time, and may increase nursing frequency, as well. The diapers sound fine. If he's following his growth curve and seems happy and healthy, just relax!!!

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