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Thread: Reintroducing Expressed Breastmilk for toddler

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    Default Reintroducing Expressed Breastmilk for toddler

    I am currently ebfing my 3 week old. I have a 17 month old who I only breastfed for 9 weeks. He currently has one cup of goat's milk a day as my family don't eat cow's dairy (through choice not necessity). I was thinking about expressing him a cup of my breastmilk each day instead but had a few questions:

    1) Will this be nutritionally beneficial for him in anyway?
    2) Will it be nutritionally inferior to the goat's milk- i.e. because my milk is for a newborn will it be enough for him etc?

    I will do this if it will benefit him but I feel a lot of guilt for not breastfeeding him as long as my other children and don't want to do it just to alleviate my guilt if it is of no benefit to him.

    Any comments or advice greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Default Re: Reintroducing Expressed Breastmilk for toddler

    Your milk will be very beneficial to him and MUCH superior to goats milk. He's not a goat toddler, is he?

    I have an almost 17 month old - you must be one busy mama!!

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    Default Re: Reintroducing Expressed Breastmilk for toddler

    with the PP. Give it to him! If you can work pumping/expressing into your busy schedule, that is.

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