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Thread: Wet Nappies??

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    Default Wet Nappies??

    Just wondering what counts as "wet nappy".
    My little guy is just shy of 5 months and we've had some supply issues and he is a slow weight gainer.
    I know that people are always saying as long as he has enough wet and dirty nappies and is happy he should be fine.
    I'm just wondering what is classified as a wet nappy. He has around 5-6 wet disposable nappies in 24 hours but some are just bairly wet or still fairly light, and some are basically filled to capacity. Just depends on how long the nappy has been on I guess.
    Does a nappy thats still fairly light but obviously not completely dry still count as a 'wet nappy'??
    He only has a dirty nappy every couple days, but thats an improvement from when he was young and not getting enough milk.
    Hes a happy little guy most of the time and usually only cries when he wants something, like if hes hungry or tired. And even then its just a bit of grissling. Occasionally has a bit of a melt down around bed time but hes also just pushed through two new teeth!
    What do you guys think?? Thanks for your help
    Chloe and Jack xx

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    Default Re: Wet Nappies??

    I would say they all count. If you pee just a little you still peeed right? =)

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