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    So the last few weeks have been going great until the last day it two. Baby girl is 9.5 weeks and has greatly decreased the time she nurses. We used to go 20 mins per side and now were down to maybe 10 then fusses for the other side and another 5-10mins. She has plenty of weight diapers and is gaining weight. But has not pooped today either. She was Dow. To two poops a day. She has slept a lot today and been a little fussy. Is it gas or growth spurt or normal?!? I'm afraid she's not getting enough but is content after the feedings. Help?

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    babies can get very efficient, 10 mins isn't in itself something to worry about. if she's happy and gaining, don't worry about it. constipation in exclusively breast fed babies is extremely rare; they can healthfully go more than a week between poops.
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    My daughter did the same thing around that age. After so long babies become much better at sucking and get enough milk out in a shorter peroid of time. Sometimes my daughter would skip a day with poop too. But unless she seems more fussy than normal or seems to have discomfort, she is probley fine. And a growth spurt may explain the sleeping. I read somewhere that is when babies grow is when they sleep! =) You are doing great Mom!

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    I agree with the others. Eating quickly is not a sign of inadequate milk supply. If you are watching her diaper output, you can see that what goes in must come out. Counting wet diapers is a great indicator. Some babies do skip days pooping, some go 7-10 days!
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    this sounds entirely normal. How is the nursing frequency?

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