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Thread: Breast aversion...only nurses while asleep

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    Hey I know this is an old post- I was just wondering if any of the moms on here now are having this issue- I am! It seems to be kind of one thing after another! (OALD, OS, tongue tie- all now resolved!) Maybe I just need to chill out and relax about it all! I'm just nervous getting out of the house with my 4 month old and my 2 yr old because baby will need to nurse but he's so distracted/ hard to latch that he pops off when awake or when I offer- but is an awesome nurser while sleepy or dreamfeeding! It's such a circus getting him to latch and feed when wide awake, I almost get embarrassed. He never screams at the breast (which is a blessing) he just turns his head and "pops" off. We do this over and over, so I just assume he's not hungry enough.

    Come heck or high water- I will breastfeed this child! After such an easy experience with the first, I'm just so blown away with the challenges this time around!

    So mamas- if this has happened to you... What made it better? Did it get better? Any advice?

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    The distracted 4 month old is a very different syndrome than a baby on strike. A striking baby somehow developed a bit of a breast aversion whereas the 4month old is just distracted because someone turned on the world. I would get a nursing necklace because it will begin to happen at home and if you can distract your baby now with a necklace perhaps you have avoid the twiddling and fiddling that is coming next. Also I would pump and bring bottles for trips out. It won't prevent the distracted pop offs but at least it won't leave you with your breast out on display.

    Way too lazy for formula

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