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    I have EBF my 8 month old son. His father and I are getting married in June and are wanting to take a weekend honeymoon. At this time he will be 10.5 months old. I only have 44 ozs of frozen breastmilk and I'm panicking because I don't think it will be enough while I'm gone. He nurses every 3 hours right now and I'm not sure if it will be less by that time. I will pump while I'm gone to replace what he eats, but I'm worried he won't want to nurse when we get back. Any suggestions? I really don't want to give him formula and I wanted to EBF until he turns one if not longer.

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    Congrats on your upcoming marriage! Here are a few thoughts. First, you could postpone the honeymoon weekend for a bit - maybe do a night out at this point, and then a full weekend when your baby is a little older and is not quite so dependent on you. There's a lot more flexibility with a toddler who is eating solids well than with a baby who is still relying on mama for the majority of his nutritional needs! (And you could probably get away with less pumping later than now.) But, I totally understand wanting to celebrate your marriage. So if you do decide to go now, here are some tips. First, the average 24 hour intake for a baby under the age of 1 is 24 oz, but it can vary up to about 30 to 32 oz. So if you're gone for 48 hours (for example) that would be about 60 oz in the fridge. Since you already have 44 oz in the fridge you would need about 16 oz more (make it 20 oz to have a few extra) - since it's not until June you actually have quite a lot of time to pump that much, for example by adding in one pumping session a day in the morning. Even if you only get 0.5 oz per day, in two months you would easily have what you need. As far as nursing when you get back, the key is just to encourage lots of nursing before and after. I've traveled multiple times for work when my kids have been various ages and they have always been really eager to nurse when I got back. Although I understand worrying about baby not wanting to nurse when you get back - I worried about that too! Which again might be a reason to postpone the trip. If for some reason baby doesn't want to nurse when you get back, that would be a nursing strike (rather than weaning) and should be dealt with as such (ie back-to-breast techniques).

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    I would work on that stash a bit. If you are going to be gone for 48 hours? I'd try leave 64oz. 32oz is the outside most he'd need in a 24 hour period. But better for you to come back and still have a little left than Zero stash or a baby who didn't get to eat on demand.

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