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Thread: 10 week old, fussy at breast.... PLEASE help!

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    Exclamation 10 week old, fussy at breast.... PLEASE help!

    I posted a question two weeks ago here. Now two weeks later... I'm still having some issues. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.... I'm feeling so lost and hurt...

    Nothing much has changed the last couple of weeks. She did get her shots this past Tuesday.... so I didn't push her to practice nursing while she has been so fussy. I have taken a break for just a few days and then have been trying again this past weekend. I can typically only get her to latch once or maybe twice a day. It might be a good feeding or not. I have rented a baby scale and she can eat for 5-8 min or so and get almost two ounces that quickly from me. She sometimes shows frustration with my letdown.... sometimes she will pull of and not latch back on and get mad. Other times she will handle the letdown well and eat for a full feeding.... but then might spit up later while I burp her. That is making me think my flow is too fast for her? I have thought to pull her off and burp her during nursing, but I'm afraid I will not get her to latch back on... again, because she gets frustrated so easily. I have also tried laying back with her to nurse.... but it doesn't go much better than cradle hold.

    So, basically nothing has changed for the last few weeks. I'm still pumping non-stop and having to primarily bottle feed. I just don't know what I can do to make her want the breast. I can even just put her in cradle hold or get her mouth near my breast and she will start getting mad. Other times... when she is really happy and in a good mood, I can get her to latch easily, but again, the feeding may or may not go well depending on if she gets frustrated or not.

    I try to get her to sleep at my breast so she can smell me, etc.... I take baths with her and she tries to lick at me (but she doesn't latch b/c it's so slippery), I have been co-sleeping, but lately she really has wanted to sleep in her swing for the movement.... the swing has become a nightmare a little bit because I would rather her be in our bed with me. Also, we never gave pacifiers until just a week or so ago. I try to wear her in a sling, but she only tolerates it when she is sleeping or sleepy already. Otherwise, she fusses to get out and move freely.

    I know this is a lot of information. I just don't know what to do at this point to make her want the breast and become an exclusively breast fed baby. I'm also afraid it's becoming to late with her.... she is now ten weeks old.

    Has anyone had experience getting an older baby to EBF? And how can I make her WANT the breast?

    I'm at my wits end.... and want this so terribly for me, her and "us". Any ideas or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: 10 week old, fussy at breast.... PLEASE help!

    I can only hazard a guess and there are many more mothers on here way more qualified than me.
    Some of what you're saying sounds similar to my bubba.
    I have no idea if it's the same with you but sometimes when I offer my baby the boob she screams and cries and pushes away and I couldn't figure it out - lately I've realised it's just because she's not actually hungry!
    I know you say she only latches on twice a day but could it be that she's not that hungry when you offer her the boob - also she probably has nipple confusion I'm imagining?
    If you're let down is that fast and it sounds like it is then she definitely will be getting full quickly which again could show why she doesn't need to attach again once she's pulled herself off?
    It sounds like though that your perseverance is slowly paying off - and the more you feed her the easier it will be - is there a reason why you can't forget the bottle for a day?
    Also i don't think 10 weeks old is to old to learn to breast feed either, my cousin couldn't breast feed her baby due to an infection she had and theygave him formula - once the infection was gone which was took 3 months she started pumping again to build up her supply and at 7 months she ststarted feeding him again, she said there were many nights she was in tears as he would scream and cry at her boob but they got there - so anything is possible I think - babies like us need the repetitious pattern in order for it to become a habit - so I think you're doing great.

    I feel weird even giving you my thoughts on this because as I said, I'm learning myself... but I have a feeling it will all work out.

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    Default Re: 10 week old, fussy at breast.... PLEASE help!

    Thank you for your input. I would LOVE to forget the bottle for a day, but when I try, she throws such a fit and it just escalates... and I know she is hungry, so I wind up giving her a bottle. If I could calm her and eventually coax her back to the breast for the feeding (rather than the bottle) I would... but if I try to get her to the breast amid all that screaming crying... I know she will get an aversion to the breast.... and I'm afraid to do that.

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