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Thread: Help! After successfully breastfeeding for 7 weeks...

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    My baby will be 8 weeks on Wednesday. Breastfeeding was going great. Last weekend we had to attend a family event and I was forced to bottle feed (pumped breast milk) for almost the entire day. By the end of the day he was sucking on his thumb nonstop. Everyone said that was cute, but I was concerned that would interfere with breastfeeding. Sure enough, after that I'm having such a hard time determining when he is hungry and he just sucks for soothing. Plus I cant get him to latch for more than 8 to 10 minutes (he used to latch for 15 min. on each side mostly every feeding) He latches and then starts getting supper fussy, I cant get him to latch again, he sucks his thumb mostly all day long (which I'm starting to not mind as much). I'm not sure how to get him to go back to latching, am I doing anything wrong? is he used to the bottle or to his thumb now?

    I really appreciate any help/suggestions on how to get him back to latching.

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    Hi mama,

    congrats on your new baby!

    I have a couple of thoughts.

    - lots of babies get faster at nursing, so by itself, going down to 10 mins is not necessarily of concern. if your baby is eating enough, he'll still be gaining weight, happy, having 5-6+ wet diapers per 24 hours
    - lots of babies have growth spurts, where they need to get switched back and forth between sides to get more milk. this is normal.
    - bottles can really throw some babies off. but if he's still latching and eating, just let him do that, as much as he wants. no more bottles.
    - really my biggest concern with your post is what you say about having to bottle feed when you were with your family. can you tell us more about this? having to pump and bottle feed is a huge pain, and as you've experienced, can really throw off your baby. is there a specific reason you had to / felt you had to bottle feed? why couldn't you nurse? we can help you trouble shoot this, because it's going to make a HUGE difference in whether you will be able to meet your breastfeeding goals.
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    @llli*auderey Thanks for your response! He did have a growth spur and I felt we did fine with it. He was 3 weeks and I did read that he may have some changes in feeding. I just get a bit concerned since he starts crying when latching.

    About bottle feeding for the event, It was a religious event (a baptism) and I was the godmother so I had to have my mother-in-law take care of him during mass and he was hungry so we had to give him from the bottle. Then we had to drive a bit far and he got hungry again so we used the bottle again. I hope that didn't throw him off that much.

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    Cues can get confusing as babies get a little older. Just keep offering to nurse and let him decide whether he is hungry or not, and you should do fine.

    My baby started getting more efficient at the breast and started nursing for shorter spans at similar age. Just watch diaper output if you have reason to be concerned.

    Some things that I did to deal with fussing at the breast:

    Nursing reclined
    Walk with baby in a sling or just in my arms while nursing
    Bounce baby on my knee while nursing
    Taking baby outside or into the bath to nurse
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