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Thread: Finding "normalcy."

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sb View Post
    I also didn't know what People were talking about when they said oh isn't it nice to bond with your baby when BFing. I had and still have problems and my son is 11 weeks old: oversupply, vasospasms, milk blisters, engorgement and shallow latch. Despite that, there were a few times when I didn't nurse my son (vasospasms- pumped instead and once to meet friends). And I was shocked at how much I missed him. You dot realize until you don't nurse or he sleeps through the night how much you absorb him by being so close. I notice how he smells and now what he says and coos. And I feel like we know and love each other so much more because we are attached 8-10 times a day. I sometimes really dislike it and am tired of my constant leaking. Your nipples do feel better later on and your baby will reward you with smiles that make all of this exhausting work worthwhile.
    I'm looking forward to that day!

    Thanks, everyone. Seriously, this is the community I was looking for and I'm so glad I've found it! You have all been helpful with emotional support and with health advice. Now, I'm starting to think that some of the pains I'm having are NOT normal and I shouldn't just live with them. But, I'll leave that for a different posting in the forum.
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    I don't know anyone who loves breastfeeding straight off. It is hard work. It's tiring. It can hurt. You don't get any feedback frm baby othe than FEED ME all the time.

    But somewhere around 8-12 weeks, baby coos at you, smiles, and you can tell you are the most important thing in the world.

    As a mom who has also EPed, there is a huge difference there. My youngest is bonded to me, but not as strongly as he also expected DH to feed him. He didn't care who was at the other end of the feeder. Some people might think it a positive, but it bothered me, as all my other children knew to look to me for food and therefore comfort.
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