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Thread: Almost 9 Months - Still Night Nursing... Sighs/Help?

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    Default Re: Almost 9 Months - Still Night Nursing... Sighs/Help?

    This thread makes me laugh because just the other day DH and I were talking about how awesome it is that DS (9 months) only wakes up once at night now, and we feel like we're drunk on sleep!

    On a good week, DS will sleep completely through the night without waking up maybe two or three nights. The rest of the week he usually wakes up once sometime between 11pm and 1am. We have a routine: DH gets up and tries to get him back to sleep, because sometimes he just lost his binky and wants it, or he just needs a pat on the back. If DH can't get him to sleep within a few minutes he brings him in to me and I nurse him. He usually gulps sleepily for about five minutes and then he's fast asleep. DH puts him back in his crib and we all sleep through until morning.

    I hear about parents trying to get their kids to sleep through the night completely at this age, and it always sounds like it involves a lot of crying and lack of sleep for everyone. I've discovered that the 5-10 minutes of quiet nursing it takes to get him back to sleep is preferable for us all.

    When DS does wake, he always gulps greedily if he nurses. My feeling is that he's probably thirsty and just needs a little drink. That usually happens to me, too, so it doesn't seem unusual for a baby to do it either.
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    Default Re: Almost 9 Months - Still Night Nursing... Sighs/Help?

    Oh, my goodness! I would seriously kill to be in your shoes as far as sleep issues go! My DS is 9 months old, will be 10 months old in 12 days, and he wakes up every 30 minutes to an hour, sometimes sleeps an entire 2 hours if I'm super, super lucky! He's been this way his entire life minus about 4-6 weeks he STTN. I really think at this age, you're blessed to have a baby only waking once a night, twice when teething!!!!!!

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    My 9 month old nurses to sleep at 8 wakes up to nurse at 11 3 6 and he might wake up in between but we cosleep so I don't always remember all of the wake ups. I would loooove it if he only woke up once.
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    Have you thought about trying co-sleeping/bedsharing? We do (dd is 7 months) and I cannot imagine doing it any other way. For one, I have always gotten plenty, plenty sleep. I don't know how often dd wakes to nurse... I pretty much sleep through it or fall asleep quickly again. When she's teething or under the weather, breastfeeding as much as she needs helps her feel better! Your little one waking at night is perfectly natural, and as others have said, "sleeping through the night" means 5 hour stretch of sleep. Best wishes to you.

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