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Thread: green mucus stool/poop, very liquid

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    Default green mucus stool/poop, very liquid

    I need some help. For over one month now my baby has had loose, green (bright green to sark green) stools full of mucus, sometimes just mucus. I have taken her to several doctors, all of whom say that this is within the range of normal. But I know it is not. Not for one month. And she used to have the creamy mustard yellow poops. She is now 3 months and has anywhere between 8-12 bowel movements a day, all of them this green mucus.

    I already met with a lactation consultant and I have too much milk, so I make sure to block feed and pump out fore milk before feedings.

    I exclusively breastfeed. I have cut out dairy and egg. I don't eat nuts. My baby has tons of gas.

    Please, what else can this be??? What else can I do?

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    Default Re: green mucus stool/poop, very liquid

    Greetings Zuzumama!
    My LO's had green mucousy bowel mov'ts too, although on an intermittent basis. I used that as a clue to slow down and nurse from only one side per feeding.
    I never used a breastpump to help adjust my milk supply. I let the baby do it all. Usually the green bowel mov'ts diminished and the yellow seedy ones prevailed.
    Pumping out extra milk might actually exasperate the problem of having too much milk.
    is your daughter gaining weight and is she otherwise thriving?
    rather than eliminating various foods from your diet you might want to choose just one at a time.
    I know that my ds#3 was dairy sensitive. It did make him gassy and it kept him up at night fussy. I tried to limit my intake of milk but I did not stick with it.
    he is now 22 years old and he loves milk, go figure!
    Started my family in 1986
    Finally done in 2001

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    Default Re: green mucus stool/poop, very liquid

    Welcome to the forum! Sorry you're dealing with green poops. Just FYI, green mucous-y poops are not in and of themselves a health problem. A lot of moms freak out of over them, some even stop nursing because of them- but don't let them get to you!

    Can you tell us why your LC thinks you have too much milk? Do you see any of the following:
    - Frequent feelings of fullness or engorgement
    - Able to pump multiple oz of milk with ease, if pumping
    - Frequent leaking
    - Intense letdown sensation
    - Baby pulls off the breast and fusses while nursing
    - When baby pulls off the breast, milk may stream or squirt from the breast
    - Baby's nursing sessions are very short (5-10 minutes) and may always have been
    - Baby makes a clicking or clucking noise while nursing
    - Baby clamps down on the nipple while nursing

    I agree with the PP that if you have oversupply and OALD, you do not want to use the pump. Pumping out the so-called "foremilk" might restore your baby's yellow poops but it will perpetuate the oversupply issue. Milk supply = demand, and by using the pump you are telling your body that demand remains high. If you have many or all of the oversupply symptoms listed above, I would shelve the pump and block feed. It will not work overnight- it's going to be a process lasting days, maybe as much as several weeks, sometimes even a month or two.

    Since your LC thinks you have a lot of milk, you probably don't need to go any further looking for an explanation for the green poops, mucous, and gas. When mom has an oversupply, babies get what my pediatrician referred to as "lactose overload". The baby is not lactose intolerant; she produces a normal amount of lactase (the enzyme that breaks down lactose). But that normal amount of lactase is overwhelmed by the very high amount of lactose in her diet. Lots of undigested lactose causes gas and green poops. So before you start eliminating foods from your diet, try to get your supply under control. If you have normal supply and are still seeing green poops, then come back and we'll talk about allergens. Okay?

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    Default Re: green mucus stool/poop, very liquid

    Thanks for the responses ladies. I'm going to work on getting rid of the fore milk and try to slowly decrease supply to serif it helps. Thank you!!!

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    Default Re: green mucus stool/poop, very liquid

    Hello to everyone, I am new in this forum as I am desperate looking for answers.
    My baby has 3 months and 2 weeks and since he has turned 2 months his stool patterns changed drastically.
    He went from 1 poo (nice and yellow) a day to having stool after, before or during each breastfeeding with a lot of gas. He had a lot of gases since he was born. His stool can change throughout a day and throughout week. It’s often green with a lot of mucus, and mucus is quite often there, a lot of it. Just now he had a poo it was water coming out and had green mucus in it, by the end it become like champagne mousse bublle. Sometimes it’s just painted water, yellow or green. There is no standard during a day and it has been like this for 1 month and a half. I am quite concerned.
    My doctor said we cannot investigate further until he is bigger. The baby is in good mood, and grows fine, although he is on a slimmer side, 62 cm and 5.45kg. He also drools a lot since a long time ago. He also spit up twice saliva which was very slimy 1 week ago.
    Annoying thing is that during night he is in pain and cannot sleep so I need to help him to get out all the gas and stool which does not always come easy.
    He is breastfeed only and he drinks every 3 hours only one breast at time. I am not eating any dairy products (maybe once a month just a bit), and I am having quite healthy diet.
    I have been removed my thyroide and I am taking hormones instead which I control regularly.
    I have also inflammatory bowel disease due to which I needed to take medications while pregnant and event after while I was breastfeeding, the medication is mesalasin and it’s used locally in rectum…I have stopped with my medications being afraid that I am hurting my baby. Nothing changed even after 2 weeks without medications.
    Now I am really thinking of complementing breastfeeding with artificial milk as I do not want to hurt my little one. It has been quite hard to go through all questions and not to be able to find any reply.
    I saw that on this forum there were some cases like mine but unfortunately not one person went back to tell their story until the end and to let us know how their situation evolved which would be great to know.
    I hope my letter is comprehensive as I just tried to put everything I remember and I hope somebody can help!
    Caring mum.

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    Default Re: green mucus stool/poop, very liquid

    do you happen to take a vitamin? This happened to me after I started taking a vitamin, freaked me out! I stopped it right then as soon as I saw the poop difference it just didn't seem normal so I let my body do it's thing and I eat right.

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    Default Re: green mucus stool/poop, very liquid

    I would say dairy and your medications are probably not the problem if you aren't seeing improvement yet. I would also ask that you consider artificial milk is probably going to cause more problems since it is much harder to digest than breastmilk, even if there is something in your breastmilk baby is reacting to.

    Do you have a heavy let down? Does baby choke or cough early in the nursing sessions? Heavy letdown can cause gas from baby swallowing air and could also lead to a fore milk/hind milk imbalance which can cause green, frothy stools.

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    Default Re: green mucus stool/poop, very liquid

    Green poo could be a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. Too much foremilk can cause this to happen. Try to make sure your LO has emptied one side first before you switch to the other side. You can try block feeding. Only feed from one side for a couple hours, then switch to the other side for another couple of hours. For the mucus, sounds like a milk protein intolerance. Cut out all dairy, including whey and casein on the ingredients list. It can take weeks for it to be completely out of your system and then another week to be out of your LO's system. You might see some improvement within a week though if this is the cause.

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    Default Re: green mucus stool/poop, very liquid

    Just a note about block feeding- it is designed to reduce supply, and you can go too far with it, so it is something you want to do ONLY if you are 100% sure that you have oversupply.

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