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Thread: Milk quality?

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    Default Milk quality?

    I have heard a lot of people talk about milk quality. Since my baby is struggling with nursing, I pump and feed him solely breastmilk. My question is does pumping more often increase the fat percentage in your milk? Should I ever worry that my milk is not a good "quality?"
    My baby is a small baby, but is gaining well in his centile.

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    there is nothing wrong with the quality of breastmilk.

    if you want to troubleshoot to get the baby back to the breast just let us know.

    this is good

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    I've never heard of pumping affecting the quality of the milk.
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    I have a post in the 0-3 forum page for troubleshooting getting him back, more detailed information there. Yes, I would love help! Thanks

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    greetings Gunnersmom,
    Mother Nature really knows what she is doing when it comes to the quality of breast-milk. All mothers make delicious, nutritious, thirst quenching, body building perfectly balanced human milk for their babies.
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    Milk quality is a concept that was made up to torment new moms. When it comes to weight gain, what really matters is the quantity of milk, not the quality. This article from kellymom explains a bit more thoroughly: http://kellymom.com/nutrition/milk/change-milkfat/
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    If you pump more often, you get more fat, because it's more like nursing the baby more often, which gets fat off tge milknduct wall faster. I know everybody says its the same, but really, I noticed more fat when I pumped more often, even though pumping every 2 hours is really hard. When I pumped every 3, there was a slight difference. Was it enough to alter my child's health? Hopefully not. But your milk is just fine as it is.

    Work HARD on getting baby back to the breast. BFing becomes something way, way easier than what EPing is.
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