Certainly GERD is something to consider, I believe the op already has baby on Zantac. But just as a general FYI, frequent nursing is not a problem in and of itself, nor does it indicate a problem. Interestingly, how often babies typically nurse varies across cultures, which suggests that concerns about frequency and what is "too much" frequency may be, at least in part, a cultural construct. Some babies nurse 20 times a day. As long as they are gaining and happy, this is normal. From a biological standpoint, for the first 6 to 8 weeks, (and for some babies beyond that) nursing less than 10-12 times a day may well be too little.

GERD-that is, reflux that is painful and thus requires treatment, has many symptoms and yes frequent nursing is one sign, (paradoxically, refusing to nurse is another) but the most glaring indicator you baby needs intervention is that baby is in obvious PAIN, while eating, after eating, after a wet burp, after a spit up, anytime baby is laid flat, etc. A content baby who likes to nurse a lot is just that, even if baby spits up frequently and copiously.

GERD is real and is very unpleasant for baby and his parents. But it is also probably way over diagnosed in infants and thus babies are sometimes put on medication unnecessarily. Typically GERD meds are prescribed based on the parents reports of baby's behavior, as few parents or doctors want to put an infant through the tests necessary to make a firm diagnoses.

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