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    My baby girl was born 35w3d early Jan 26. She weighed 4lbs 11oz. At her 2M checkup/shots she was 8 pounds even. She just had her 4M shots today and was 9lbs 13oz. She of course, fell of the chart for weight but stayed the course for head and length. My pediatrician wants me to supplement and to absolutely NOT stop BF. She only gets a bottle on weekends, but I BF then in the AM and the PM due to engorgement.

    I am not as obsessed as I was with my last child and now am worried about my supply. I don't feel letdown anymore and you can't hear the suck swallow thing when she is at the breast (unless it's first thing AM). Are my boobs empty? She pees and poops often enough I think. I will now commence to checking her diapers obsessively. I plan to just put her to the tap every 3-4 hours, which is pretty much her pattern anyway. Will that increase my supply? I pumped with my last one. Enough to be able to stop at 6M and still have a 4-5M freezer stash. This one is fed from the tap instead. I worry because she is still so small (but big to me) and is still in NB clothes. Although they are getting too small. She can roll over now and has some head control.

    She bf about 5 times a day.

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    Try nursing her more often. More nursing, more demand turns into more milk 5 times a day is a little on the low side perhaps.

    It is totally normal for your supply to even out, where you feel like you don't have much but it's there and baby can extract it. You didn't experience that if you exclusively pumped before.

    The nice thing about BFing is you don't have to be obsessed like you have to be to EP
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    5 nursing sessions per day is on the extreme low end for such a young baby. Most babies in the 3-4 month age range are nursing 8-10 times per day, at least. So aim to nurse evey 2-3 hours during the day, maybe even every 1-2 hours if you can, and see if you get some positive change.

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