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Thread: Just nursing on one side each time- ok?

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    Default Just nursing on one side each time- ok?

    My 2nd LO is just 6 days old and has gotten off to a great start nursing. I think she´s getting enough milk (several poopy diapers a day, seems satisfied and sleeps well), but she only nurses on one breast for 20-30 min. each feeding. If I try to switch breasts or offer her the 2nd one, she won´t latch on, usually cause she´s in a deep sleep. This is so weird for me because my 1st LO was very colicky and always nursed on both sides for a total of an hour or more! So I just wanted to make sure this is ok- it ok if she only nurses 1 side each time and the next time I feed her on the other side?? I´m nursing on-demand, usually every 2-4 hours. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Just nursing on one side each time- ok?

    Both of my children were only one side at a feeding nursers. Even now at 20 months my son rarely switches sides. As long as she is healthy and happy, nothing to worry about.
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    Default Re: Just nursing on one side each time- ok?

    My son nursed on side at a time until he was about 7 months, and he was a super fat little baby.
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    As long as baby has the right number of wets and poops and is gaining weight at a normal pace, one-sided feedings are fine. Just remember to keep offering the second breast and don't get concerned if your LO one day requires two breasts at a feeding.

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    Default Re: Just nursing on one side each time- ok?

    My son never nursed on both breasts in one feeding.

    I tried to force him by switching when he got into comfort sucking mode, because I was told that by (insert arbitrary age here) he should be nursing on both sides. The end result was always the same: he would suck down a bunch of foremilk on the second breast, spit up all over, then my oversupply would be out of control for a few days. After doing this a few times I decided to forget about what "they" say and only offer one side.

    ETA: of course if baby is still hungry after nursing on one breast then offer the other side, but my son never wanted it.
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    Default Re: Just nursing on one side each time- ok?

    we started out on both and moved to one at a time around 3 months. then around 6 months we went back to both per feeding since she seemed hungry so i started offering again. right now anything goes!
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    Default Re: Just nursing on one side each time- ok?

    My DD is like that too...it's fine! It also might change as PP said. Now that my supply has regulated she takes both sides more often.
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