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Thread: Major doubts on overfeeding

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    Your baby is still so very young. Don't worry too much about how he goes to sleep right now- in your arms, on the breast, in a swing, in a sling, whatever. IMO, the first few months are about promoting routines, encouraging baby to sleep at night and be more active during the day, maybe even trying to develop a napping routine. To reach those goals, you do what works in order to get baby to sleep- if that means rocking or nursing, etc., it's just not a big deal. You have plenty of time to get baby to sleep more independently. Now is a great time to read Elizabeth Pantley's book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" for a realistic look at infant sleep and tips on gentle ways to encourage baby to sleep without using you as a crutch.
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    Thanks. You are so reassuring. I am going to check that book out right away. He does sleep if held and nursed and recently after a bath. Sometimes I don't know what to do with him during the day when he is awake and am trying to make sure he naps so that he isn't over tired. I know babies are supposed to sleep 10-16 hours a day so that seems to be little room for tummy time, and just general interaction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sb View Post
    Sometimes I don't know what to do with him during the day when he is awake and am trying to make sure he naps so that he isn't over tired.
    This made me smile because I had the SAME feeling in the beginning! I remember calling my mom (feeling kind of ridiculous) when LO was a couple days old and saying, "OK, he's clean, he's changed, he's fed, he has slept. What else do I do with him?" She said, "You can sing to him, walk with him, rock him, read to him and dance with him, etc." Actually with all the feeding and changing there wasn't much time for anything else in the beginning , but it made me realize that it was just about interacting with him and showing him love, and I didn't have to worry so much about "doing something" with him in the very beginning. The first three months they usually just want to be near you and that's enough.
    The book "Happiest Baby on the Block" talks about the "fourth trimester" when the baby is out of the womb but still needs that closeness for a few more months. I found it had really helpful info for that early time after he was born.

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