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Thread: Annoying Habits!!!

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    Default Annoying Habits!!!

    So my little dude is forming some annoying habits lately and I was wondering what advice you ladies may have.

    He has started crawling around all over me while he is latched!! It makes me crazy. Sometimes it can make him pull off whitch now that he has all these teeth hurts. He has been a very distracted nurser for a few months now, that with the nursetastics is making me bonkers.

    Also is it normal for his top teeth to bother me and make nursing a little bit uncomfortable? I can feel them the whole time he is nursing, not in a biting way just in a rubbing way.

    Thanks ladies
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    Default Re: Annoying Habits!!!

    i had/have all of those, starting right about your DS's age. i put a couple important limits on it (he can't straddle my neck with his butt on my face, he can't twiddle my other nipple) but mostly it's changes *i* have to make - getting a necklace for him to twiddle instead, making sure i keep my hand supporting his butt or thigh so that when he does want to make a sudden movement i can control it a bit. only the most calm, textbook position is where i don't feel his top teeth rubbing. i've reminded him of his latch a couple times, made him pop off and try again some, and that helps.
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    Default Re: Annoying Habits!!!

    I remember that when nursing DD2, I actually liked it but what I can suggest for a distracted LO is to dim the lights and nurse laying down. HTH

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    Default Re: Annoying Habits!!!

    totally normal. I did side lying and/or used a nursing necklace to somewhat distract him.
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    DD started doing doing these things, too, around your LO's age. She still does when she's fighting sleep (naptime, bedtime). It helps to have a toy or read a book while nursing. My DD was never too interested in a necklace beyond tugging at it and choking me. Side-lying actually made the gymnastics worse for me, so we could only nurse sitting up for a month or so while she settled down.

    If you're feeling the top teeth, make sure your baby's chin is up a but when latching on, rather than straight forward or down. This gives the lower jaw lots of room to move, and also puts the upper teeth at an angle where they can't dig in as much. (This is basic, newborn latching stuff, which you may not have though much about in many months!) And if he isn't latched right, feel free to unlatch and try again.

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