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Thread: ebf and fertilit y.. are we allowed to ask these ques?

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    Default Re: ebf and fertilit y.. are we allowed to ask these ques?

    I with the posts that are leery or EBF as birth control. AF returned at 13 weeks pp ( we didnt meet the criteria anyway) with my first and 8 weeks pp with my second!! Condoms don't work very well for us either so we're using a diaphragm currently. IMO if your DH wants it he needs to be willing to "take one for the team" even just temporarily.

    As far as when to return to sex that's between you and DH. Some women are ready at 6 weeks some are not. I think the important thing is let DH know you still love him which may mean ...ahem... helping him. I have to be very careful about telling DH to take care of himself because sometimes he takes it as I don't have time for him especially with a new baby in the house. If I give him 5-10 mins of my time things are much better between us.
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    Only abstinence from intercourse is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. All other birth control forms have some % failure rate. If a woman is in that failure rate % the result is pregnancy just as much as if she used no bc. Look at the various studies for actual percentages-LAM is right up there in effectiveness with the pill,-but for it to really be LAM one must meet all the criteria. What is great about LAM (And barrier methods, including condoms) is that besides giving you a very good chance of not getting pregnant, there are not any or only extremely miniscule risks of very mild side effects. The side effects risks of ANY hormonal, implant, or IUD forms of birth control are much higher and much more severe, and can affect not only the user but also the fetus if the birth control fails. (BTW pregnancy itself is not a side effect!) Because you are breastfeeding, you have to add to these risks that all women face the additional risk of harm to your milk supply.

    I also think that when avoiding pregnancy is vital for a mothers health and the health of her baby, it makes sense to eliminate risk of pregnancy as much as possible. And that would include doubling up on bc methods-LAM plus a barrier method (condoms) has always been our chioice, (condoms at my husband's insistence-personally I trusted LAM as enough) but as was pointed out before there are other effective barrier methods. Perhaps you can explain to your husband how devistating, both physically to you and for you milk suppply, pregnancy at this point would be.
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