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Thread: Night feeding nightmare!

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    My LO is 2 and a 1/2 weeks old, when he was born I was told by a lactation consultant that my left nipple was inverted. I used a pump and a nipple shield while I was in the hospital to draw it out, once we left the hospital we seemed to have the breast feeding thing down. Over the last week or so in the middle of the night my LO will refuse to latch on to my left breast, it's almost as if by the time he wakes to eat he is starving and is not patient enough to latch to that side, he just screams and thrashes around, I would try for literally an hour to get him to latch before I would give him the right breast, and sometimes that won't even work because he is just too upset to latch, I actually had to give him a bottle one night because I just could not get him to latch at all. This is only a problem in the middle of the night.... Anyone else have this issue? Is this just a phase? I am at a complete loss

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    hi mama, congrats on your new baby!

    babies often latch much better when they're calm. when you get to that point where they're frantic, you can stop trying to nurse for a few minutes, calm baby, walk around and bounce, express a little by hand and feed that to take the edge off, then try again. in your case, offering the right immediately to calm him and take the edge off, then get him onto the left might be a good strategy.

    it's better to catch it before it gets that bad, though. babies do not need to "wake up" to eat - if you catch him while he's still rooting around in his sleep, and put your nipple near his face, he will be able to latch on wihtout waking. this will be easier if you have a safe co-sleeping surface and don't have to move the baby very much to get in position.

    and who knows why this is happening just at night - babies are weird! are you sleeping in the same room as baby? perhaps you're not quite as quick on the draw if you're sleeping in a different room, so he's having time to fuss, root, then wake up more and start to panic by the time you get there?

    but these strategies will work for any time. and just when you think you have it down, baby will change his routine on you
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