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    i did a stupid thing this weekend and now i am paying for it. i was at the zoo with my family and my lo's were finishing up lunch. my 15 month old asked for milk and i pulled him over and he latched on and took two bites on my nipple. it really hurt! when i took him off i noticed that he was still chewing on his cracker. i can't beleive i didn't notice that he was still eating. i am taking care of it and it's not worrying me as far as healing or anything i am just annoyed at myself and wanted to vent. i don't have many people to complain too b/c most of my friends/family would say if he can ask for it and he has teeth he is too old to nurse

    anyway, i won't make that mistake again
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    Haha I'm sorry that this happened, but it did make me laugh. I have done the same thing! My DD1 had a tendency to chipmunk her food and so would suddenly start chewing to get it down to get the milk and CHOMP! I learned pretty quick to make sure first haha. Don't worry it is EXCELLENT that you are stlil nursing It makes me very happy! I understand about family pressure. My in laws are the same way. They are supportive of BFing but think once they can ask for it they are too old. But I don't think taht at all! I just nod and ignore haha.

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    sorry your LO bit you. my daughter used to munch on her grilled cheeses sandwhich and nurse in between bites.
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    This happens to me occasionally. I'm always relieved when it's just food. (Not cat food, crayon, chunks of pencil eraser, etc.)

    Good for you for nursing in public with your toddler, especially with your family around!

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    LOL Sorry Momma. It happens to all of us. It burns my @$$ when I do something like that. We know better. But then again, you'll bet it won't happen again!
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