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Thread: HELP! (x-posted from low supply)

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    So sorry this will get long....I would REALLY appreciate any advice!

    Quick history: I have twin girls that are 5.5. They were premature and I had a very difficult delivery. I did everything I could to try to nurse them but after four months of pumping and never getting them to latch I gave up. They had colic and reflux and it was EXHAUSTING.

    My son is 6 weeks old and I am determined to make nursing work. We have had a bunch of different issues. He still has jaundice, it is finally going down as of the last week. We did the bili-light, then my ped had me do 36 hours of formula. I was terrified that he wouldn't go back to the breast, but he did just fine. I pumped during that time and got 5-6 each time so I was encouraged that my supply was ok. Week 2 and 3 nursing seemed to be going really well. It was very comfortable and DS was gaining weight great.

    About week 4 I was trying to figure out what was going on with DS and decided I was having over-active letdown. He was getting sprayed a lot, he was making a clicking sound sometimes, having TONS of gas, and biting my nipples like a vice. I switched to block feeding to combat that, also cut out major dairy and caffeine hoping it would help him sleep and with his spitting up and gas.

    Finally he was diagnosed with a UTI which explained why his jaundice had gone back up AGAIN. So we got on antibiotics. He started having a lot more reflux but I hoped it was due to the antibiotic.

    The last three days have been INSANE. He has been nursing around the clock, by that I mean 1-2 times an hour and he will go as long as I let him. Even at night. Not sleeping well at all. He is super loud when he sleeps, tons of grunting and elephant noises (that has been since early on but seems worse). He is acting uncomfortable, often arching his back and stiffening his legs. I went ahead and filled the prescription for Zantac, I figured we will try it for a week and see if it gives him any relief. They only time he has slept well over the last couple days was in the Ergo or sleeping on my chest. When he is nursing he often bobs his head on the breast and gets upset, like he can't seem to latch on. He pulls off pretty often.

    Tonight he nursed for nearly a half hour and just to experiment I fixed him a bottle (we still had formula from before). No flames, please, I just wanted to see if he was really hungry. He quickly downed over 4 oz of formula. So I am assuming from this that he is not getting enough and that my supply is down? I quit block feeding, obviously, and am working on upping my water intake. I have some of that tea that is supposed to help. What else should I do?

    Please help!!!

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    The best and most tried and true way to kick up your supply would be to nurse every two hours.
    your little guy is still getting over a UTI. so that may have accounted for his need to be held and nursed for 3 days straight.
    He may be fussy and he may be experiencing an uncoordinated latch b/c he does not feel well. Anything that you can do to soothe him and help him feel better is fair game.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    First of all, don't panic. The fact that baby took 4 oz from the bottle is not an indicator of low supply. It's very typical for babies to take large amounts from a bottle even after a successful nursing session, just because of the mechanics of bottle-feeding. When a baby nurses, milk flow slows down or stops once the baby transitions from sucking for nutrition to sucking for comfort. When a baby feeds from a bottle, he gets the same rapid flow regardless of why he's sucking.

    I'm glad you filled the Zantac Rx. Your LO's behavior- the grunting, the back arching, the decent sleep only when in an upright position- seem very reflux-y to me. I am also glad you stopped block feeding. While it sounds like you may have had some OALD issues, right now I'd want to make sure that the block feeding didn't cause your supply to sink to a too-low level. The extremely frequent feedings could be your baby's way of trying to boost supply. So do double-sided feedings for a while, and see if anything changes. Meanwhile, I'd make an appointment with an LC, preferably an IBCLC, and see if she can figure out what is going on.

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