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Thread: Domperidone and fenugreek together?

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    Default Domperidone and fenugreek together?

    I've been taking 120mg domperidone for about 2 months now...and we have it to where DD needs 9oz formula supplement (I also pump 1.5oz every morning which she takes in a bottle mixed with formula). DD is 14 weeks now.

    I had tried fenugreek for about 4 days before I became ill with a uterine infection and was advised to go off all meds until I felt better. I then just went onto the dom.

    Last week my LC decided after everything we've tried (two tongue tie releases, the domperidone, pumping day in and day out for months, SNS, blood tests) that I truly just am not able to make enough. However I'm wondering if taking fenugreek can maybe give me a bit of a boost, even if it gets us to only cut out an oz or two more of formula, I'll be happy!

    But can I take the 2 together? What about blessed thistle, can I take all 3? Should I stagger when I take things, or take them all together?
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    Default Re: Domperidone and fenugreek together?

    You are to be praised for all the hard work you have been putting in to build up your milk supply.
    Major kudos to you!!
    I know less than nothing about medications/herbs to help build milk. you probably need to ask your LC.
    I know that frequent pumping and /or nursing are the usual ways a mother can reliably build up a milk supply.
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