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Thread: Is it true that breast fed babies can be a little yellow?

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    Default Is it true that breast fed babies can be a little yellow?

    We went to our pediatrician for our 2 month check up - the nurse came in and said, 'oh she's a little yellow.' I hadn't noticed.
    I said, 'Is this ok?'
    She responded, 'Sure, I think a lot of breast fed babies are yellow.'

    I've never heard of it - the Dr didn't say anything and I forgot to ask her.
    Do you think I should be getting her a bilirubin check just in case?
    Can they develop jaundice this late on when everything is going well?

    She had it when she was a baby but not bad, they monitored her and it went down.

    I can't see her being yellow but I know her nose is slightly orange tinged but she's only 2 months so isn't from food.

    What are your thoughts on this?
    It annoys me when people say stuff like that in a dismissive way!
    Thanks ladies xo

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    Default Re: Is it true that breast fed babies can be a little yellow

    Yes, so-called "breastmilk jaundice" is normal. A certain proportion of breastfed babies continue to be a bit yellow for as long as 2-3 months. As long as the bilirubin levels are within normal limits and the baby is eating/peeing/pooping/gaining weight normally, there's no reason to worry or to do anything except continue to nurse and wait for baby to grow out of it.
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