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Thread: Are we too far gone?

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    Hello, I am new to the site. This is my first post. Here is my situation: My daughter is three weeks old. I tried to breastfeed from the very beginning. She would not latch on. She started losing too much weight so the doctor had me strictly bottle feed to get her weight up. I was pumping out what I could and supplementing with formula. She gained some weight back and I have still tried to get her to latch on, but nothing is happening. Then we noticed it was taking an our or more just to take a 2 or 3 oz bottle. The doctor was thinking she had a sucking problem and admitted us to the hospital for 24 hrs to try some feeding techniques. She even was going to send us to a speech therapist. We discovered she can only take a certain type of nipple. I have been trying to pump still, but with everything going on, it has been difficult. So here is my question(s), are we too far gone for breast feeding at this point? Will she ever take my breast when she has grown so accustomed to a bottle nipple? Can I keep my milk supply up with pumping? Any help or advice would be appreciated!

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    See an IBCLC for sure! I also suggest a visit to an otoloaryngologist (a.k.a. an ear, nose, and throat doc or ENT). I'd want to be really certain that baby has been thoroughly checked for tongue tie or palate issues (like a cleft, which can be hidden beneath the skin of the palate).

    While you are getting this all figured out, you must maintain supply by pumping. You want to use a hospital-grade rental (preferable) or very good double electric pump with correctly sized breast shields, and you want to pump frequently. Aim for 10-12 sessions per day right now- and I know that is a very challenging thing for a new mom to do! But hopefully it will only be temporary. In the absence of some physical issue precluding nursing (for example, we have a wonderful mama here who has pumped for over a year for her baby who has a cleft and is unable to nurse), there is every reason to think that you should eventually be able to get baby to the breast and nurse full-time.

    I strongly suggest exploring ways to feed baby at the breast. You may be able to use a supplemental nursing system or Lact-aid to supplement baby at the breast. I suggest looking at kellymom.com for pages on paced feeding and how to bottle-feed the breastfed baby.

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    Since it sounds like you need to exclusively pump to maintain your supply while you work to fix baby's latch and suck, here are some tips

    HOSPITAL grade pump. A PISA will wear out in 6-8 months.
    Right sized horns. What might look right can be wrong, so what matters is how it feels. But appearance is a place to start
    Breast compressions while pumping
    Hands free bra
    And here is the kicker: 120 minutes every 24 hours broken into at least 8 sessions. One must be between midnight and 5AM. For at least the first 12 weeks. Then you can slowly consolidate. I pumped 6 times a day from about 3 months to about 11 months. I went to bed at midnight after pumping and got up around 6 to pump again after I had my supply established (after that first 3 months). Hellish, but necessary if you wish to maintain a supply and feed your baby breastmilk.

    Hugs. I know what it is like to have a baby who wants to nurse and can't
    Mama to my all-natural boys: Ian, 9-4-04, 11.5 lbs; Colton, 11-7-06, 9 lbs, in the water; Logan, 12-8-08, 9 lbs; Gavin, 1-18-11, 9 lbs; and an angel 1-15-06
    18+ months and for Gavin, born with an incomplete cleft lip and incomplete posterior cleft palate
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