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Thread: Oversupply on only one side??

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    Default Oversupply on only one side??

    Hello all, I'm a first-time mom & new to the forums but experiencing an odd problem that I'm hoping someone out there on the interwebs can help me solve. I have searched through my book resources (including my copy of "Womanly Art of Breastfeeding") and so far I'm stumped.

    My baby is 4 weeks old and we've been breastfeeding with overall success -- challenges here and there, but we've managed to problem solve them along the way. From the beginning I've noticed an asymmetry in my supply, with my right side producing more than my left (how much more I'm not sure, since we've been breastfeeding exclusively -- but I can tell from the appearance and feel of it). In the hospital my milk came in really fast and the lactation consultants said I probably had a fast ejection rate, but after a few weeks, baby seemed to be maturing into it, choking and coming off the breast a lot less and getting a better rhythm in his nursing. For what it's worth, he usually only takes one breast per feeding, for about 10-15 mins, and feeds frequently (at least 12 times per 24 hrs, sometimes more).

    But lately it seems like my right side has been making a LOT more, to the point where it almost matches the textbook description of oversupply: that side is significantly fuller (especially in the mornings, sometimes painfully so), has bouts of leaking, baby sometimes has trouble staying latched (I can hear smacking noises as he pops off and on trying to nurse), he swallows air, when the let-down happens he sputters and chokes, and I think he's getting frustrated on that side. But my left side is completely normal and has none of these issues!

    Is it possible to have oversupply on only one side?? All the techniques for addressing oversupply that I've read about seem to involve both sides. Is there anything I can do about my right side issues without compromising my overall production? I'm not worried about baby's health or nutrition (he has been gaining very well and has normal stools), so much as my comfort and helping baby nurse with less frustration and discomfort on that side.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: Oversupply on only one side??

    Congratulations and welcome!

    Definitely possible; it's normal to have different supply on each side. If it bothers you, I'd just always start on the lower side, to give the overproducing side less stimulation (this will mean some engorgement in the short run) until it gets the message to produce a little less.
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    Default Re: Oversupply on only one side??

    with the PP. Here's a useful link on lopsidedness: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/lopsided/

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