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Thread: Still Leaking and Getting the Let Down Feeling...

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    Question Still Leaking and Getting the Let Down Feeling...

    Its been a very long time since I have visited and posted but I knew this was my best source for answers.

    I breastfed/pumped for 13 months. My daughter will 6 in a few months but I am still getting the let down sensation and leaking clear fluid, and sometimes cloudy white milk.

    Triggers I have noticed so far are:
    Emotions (Fond memory thoughts or stress)

    How long could I continue to potentially have the tingling and leaks
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    Default Re: Still Leaking and Getting the Let Down Feeling...

    I had a staff member with a teenager who said sometimes she still would let down if she heard a baby crying.
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    Default Re: Still Leaking and Getting the Let Down Feeling...

    Some moms continue to produce milk for years after their babies wean. It may be in very small amounts, but even so you may sometimes leak or feel the letdown sensation. Is this situation problematic for you? If so, try drinking some peppermint or sage tea (supposedly effective in reducing supply) and talk to your doctor or midwife- there're some drugs which can reduce supply.

    On the plus side, it's probably good for your body to produce milk! The longer a woman lactates, the lower her risk for nasty things like breast cancer and heart disease. So maybe this isn't the worst thing in the world.... Right?

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    Default Re: Still Leaking and Getting the Let Down Feeling...

    I have a friend in her 40's that she recently told me this also happened to her for years after she weaned her last child. She went to doctors and they couldn't figure it out, it eventually stopped on its own. Not to say to ignore it, of course, but just so you know.
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    Default Re: Still Leaking and Getting the Let Down Feeling...

    In the Bible, Naomi, the widowed mother-in-law, breastfed Ruth's baby. I still feel waves and tingles when I hear an infant cry and I am 52 years old and have not nursed in years!!!
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