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Thread: How to manage a newborn and feeding with absolutely no help

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    Default How to manage a newborn and feeding with absolutely no help

    After the delivery how should we manage breastfeeding if we have nobody to help??? Would pumping help?
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    Default Re: How to manage a newborn and feeding with absolutely no h

    Your best bet is feeding on demand. Pumping may create oversupply, which can be really uncomfortable and cause some tummy distress for your baby. Nurse when the baby begins to show signs of being ready to eat, and be prepared to spend a long time on feedings for a while--if possible, set up a nursing station for yourself, with books/iPad/iPod/cell phone/TV remote/snacks/water, so you can be there and not have to get up. If possible, let your partner/friends/anyone who does offer take care of YOU so that you can take care of the baby. And congratulations!

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    Default Re: How to manage a newborn and feeding with absolutely no h

    Best advice ever!

    The only other thing that I couldn't have lived without was a sling/carrier. You need to take it easy and just nurse the baby (thus a nursing station is crucial), but I found it was nice to be able to put the baby in a sling and quickly pop outside for an occasional breath of fresh air. My baby was pretty fussy early on too so I had him in the sling if I got up for any reason (fix a sandwich, use the washroom, etc.).

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    Default Re: How to manage a newborn and feeding with absolutely no h

    As the PP's said above, nursing on demand and once you get into the mind set of devoting your time to that it becomes quite joyful!
    Just be prepared to leave house work and everything alone and don't worry about it to much - (I should take my own advice)
    but yeah oh and pre make food if you can and freeze it - the one thing I wish I did was that - I didn't eat nearly enough at the start - oh and my baby was really fussy as well - still is sometimes but you get through it.

    Good luck Mumma and congratulations - xoxox

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    Default Re: How to manage a newborn and feeding with absolutely no h

    Pumping is twice as much work. Even if you streamline the process, why bother, you have to feed the baby either way. Don't create more work.

    I never have help postpartum.

    Freezer meal baby shower, so you have lots of good food on hand
    Use cloth diapers so you just have to wash, not make a diaper run.
    Set up a nursing station with food, water, TV remote, books, iPod
    Do just enough laundry to have clean clothes
    It is totally ok to stay in comfy clothes
    Get nice hair clips sp your hair looks decent
    Use recyclable plates and silverware if you need to
    Make sure your SO helps you have time to change clothes and get a shower
    Housework will wait.
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    Default Re: How to manage a newborn and feeding with absolutely no h

    I agree it is important to let the unimportant things like housework/errands go and simply hang out and enjoy, cuddle and nurse you baby for the first several weeks. Pumping adds LOTS of work and should not be done especially in the early weeks if it can be avoided. While it can be very intense the first few weeks, with a good start, breastfeeding gets easier and easier as time goes on, quickly becoming the easiest way to feed and sooth a baby, while pumping, formula feeding and bottles never get any easier.

    But I am a bit worried that you say you have no one at all to help. First, who is the we that has no one to help? Is it just you and baby, or you and baby and a partner-what? I am not sure what you mean. If you have a parenting partner, they can take care or you while you take care of baby.

    Also are you sure there is NO ONE to help? No friends or family or co-workers who can bring you a meal, take out the trash, or clean the toilet, nothing? It's hard but sometimes we have to ask for help or no one knows we need help or what help we need. If it is truly you alone, what about hiring someone, even very temporarily, ideally it could be a post partum doula but if that is not affordable, simply someone to come over and do light cleaning once or twice in the early weeks or bring you food or run a few errands could help a great deal. If you cannot afford it, can you ask for money for that sort of thing instead of the typical baby gifts?

    New babies are tremendously hard work, no matter how they are fed. And new mommies really need support whether they are breastfeeding or not. Even if your support system boils down to a long distance pal you can call when you are feeling overwhelmed, or the other new mommies at a local mommy and me group (hospitals have these a lot,) take advantage of whatever is available.

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    Default Re: How to manage a newborn and feeding with absolutely no h

    This question is confusing in light of your other posts. Do you have a newborn or a 6month old? Why are asking about pumping if you have been doing it exclusively for 6months?

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    Default Re: How to manage a newborn and feeding with absolutely no h

    Don't forget to sleep. A newborn sleeps on and off throughout the day and night. So there's no chance of 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep for you any longer. Multiple naps with baby will help you get the rest you need. It's a different head-space to get yourself into, a different way to sleep. The sooner you embrace it and accept it, the easier it will be to fall into a new routine with baby.
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    Default Re: How to manage a newborn and feeding with absolutely no h

    @djsmom - I do have a 7 month old. But I had no help at home. My husband used to help when he was home. But I ended up screwing up breastfeeding cause I was scared during a nursing strike and feel aweful now for not trying hard enough. I just wonder how I "should have handled the situation. n I just think if I had more help I would have definitely tried every day to get her back on.

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    Default Re: How to manage a newborn and feeding with absolutely no h

    mama, it sounds like you did what you could under a really hard situation. please forgive yourself!

    there are things that help get nursing off to the best start, as PPs have suggested above. but sometimes circumstances prevent that, and we make the best choice we can at the time with the resources we have. the great thing is we live in a time and place where we can pump, where we can safely feed formula, and babies are amazingly resilient.
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