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Thread: breast pain/ help

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    Ladies, I do apologize!
    My son will be 16 months in a few days-- and I posted in the 12+ months section but desperate for a reply or any insight. Hoping that maybe one of you experienced mamas have had anything similar happen....

    Hi Ladies,
    I haven't posted since my son was .. gosh, maybe 6 months? I have had ALOT of support from you ladies, and wouldn't have made it this far without LLL.

    My son just got over a virus and has been nursing like crazy, understandably so, well a few days ago I noticed I woke up with a bit of soreness from my left breast. I honestly thought i slept on it wrong. Another day went by, and I've started to get paranoid.. i've been feeling around and I know this sounds goofy but i'm not sure if i'm feeling a lump or a small hard ball at times.. nor can I really tell if it's moveable or not... yes, I am going to call about it, but before I lose another night of sleep over this, any insight would be helpful!!! I'm always thinking the worst (breast cancer, i'm one who panics over anything).

    While i'm here, I feel like my son is one in a billion who doesn't sleep throughout the night.. he has had problems since he was 4 months old and his peds seem to think it's his constant ear infections, or his reflux... his only symptom is squirming at night and i have to have my arm under his back.. his usual pattern of sleep is waking up every 3 to 4 hours.. this isn't normal, we've tried every and all sorts of reflux meds and we will see a gi doc soon, but i'm just so curious to see, does this sound familiar with anyone? Can anyone here relate at all? He's 15 months going on 16 months on wednesday.

    thanks a bunch everyone!!!!

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    Default Re: breast pain/ help

    Sleep concerns first: It is perfectly typical for a toddler to wake lots at night. Actaully I knwo plenty of toddler nurisng moms who would kill for a 4 hour stretch. Even for babies who were sleeping well before, this can change in toddlerhood. One theory is that all the milesstones and beginning to feel more independent of mommy with being able to walk-even run, away from her, etc, can make baby crave reassurance at night. Sure it could indicate a medical issue but need not be that. I stongly suggest the excellent book Mothering Your Nursing Toddler.

    Possible plugged milk duct: Get your breast checked out if you are concerned, and in the meantime you can treat yourself for a plugged duct. Maybe all the nursing ramped up supply and then you did sleep funny on it, or wore a too snug bra or carried a bag or whatever that cut into it, there does not have to be a specific reason, sometimes plugs just happen.

    Dealing with plugs and blebs (blebs are plugged ducts on the surface of the nipple rather than up inside the breast.) http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...plugsblebs.pdf

    Plugged ducts & mastits: (Sometimes plugs can develop into a breast infection called mastitis) http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/mastitis/

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