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Thread: why can't i pump any milk?

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    Default why can't i pump any milk?

    i just posted earlier because my dd is very stuffy with a cold. and she did not eat
    like normal last night, only a few seconds and she would yank herself away to take a breath. so i went to pump because she hardly ate and it was like 5 hours since i last tried to feed her. when i pumped it was for at least 20 min. and all i got was a 1/2 oz. idk what that means! she is 11 months old and is ebf.... but maybe my
    body won't respond to the pump b/c i haven't done it in a really long time,since
    dec., idk what is going on. i take 1000 mg? of fenugreek and drink 2 cups of milk
    tea everyday, and i drink like 60-100 oz of water in a day. she has like 5-6 wets and at least 2 dirty diapers everyday. i do feed her solids but usually only twice a day and a snack here and there. and she nursed between 8-10 times a day usually,not yesterday b/c she is feeling so bad with this cold.

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    Default Re: why can't i pump any milk?

    She's 11 months and her diaper output is fine, so don't worry about this. It may be that your LO only needs a small amount of milk in the evenings now, since she's older and has probably started solids. But I'm more inclined to think that this is a pump issue.

    How often does your LO nurse, usually?

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    Default Re: why can't i pump any milk?

    probably a pump issue + you were stressed out and not used to it. i wouldn't worry about it; sounds like she's doing fine.
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