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Thread: 8 month old waking every hour or two at night

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    Default 8 month old waking every hour or two at night

    I am happily nursing my 8 month old, who has never been a great sleeper, but lately it's gotten much worse. He is now waking every hour or so during the night to nurse, and I'm just wondering how common this is? Of course, everyone is telling me that I need to let him cry at night, which is not an option for us. We did cosleep in the beginning, but I just was too restless with him in our bed, so he is now in his crib. Any advice or coffee would be appreciated.
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    Default Re: 8 month old waking every hour or two at night

    How common is this? So common. Common as dirt. Especially during teething, which I am sure your 8 month-old is doing. But you may want to get his ears checked, too- perhaps he has an infection.

    "Just let him cry" is terrible advice, particularly for a baby under a year old. I know plenty of people use cry it out methods, but they aren't right for all families and if they aren't right for yours, people shouldn't be pushing them on you.

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    Default Re: 8 month old waking every hour or two at night

    Every baby does it, and CIO doesn't fix it.

    There is current research that shows that CIO is harmful. Kellymom's FB page has links in the last couple of days.
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    Default Re: 8 month old waking every hour or two at night

    Mine was the same. You can try ibuprofen for teething. That can help a little bit. For the most part, though, you just have to wait it out. Mine started getting better around 10 months. He still wakes at night, but it is not nearly so bad.

    I could not bed share with my son from 6-8 months due to an injury; so I had his crib placed next to my bed. It might help some if you can do that. You each still have your own sleep space, but you don't have to get out of bed to tend to him.
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    Default Re: 8 month old waking every hour or two at night

    Sidecarring the crib is the best way to co-sleep and get a good night sleep. Here's a link on how to do it. http://www.freewebs.com/sidecarcrib/
    It took me almost a year after DD1 was born before I decided to give it a try (I thought it was too much trouble and that I wasn't going to like it) I won't forget that first night!

    Also, all babies are different, some STTN since very young, others take longer. Sleep is a milestone. It could be teething or it could just be a stage. If you can side car the bed, it would help a lot.
    Good luck!

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