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Thread: Donating pumped milk for a preemie?

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    Default Donating pumped milk for a preemie?

    Hi! I'm new to this subforum but hope you guys can offer me some advice.

    My friend just had her baby at 34 weeks and he's in the NICU. I don't know what her breastfeeding situation is, and whether she's pumping.

    My baby is almost nine months (!) and I pump at work, and consistently get more than DS needs. I have quite a large freezer stash, and there's a good chance I'll be donating milk at some point.

    Would it be appropriate to offer to donate some to my friend for her preemie? Are there any issues with feeding milk made for a nine month old to a preemie? Fresh vs. frozen? I haven't been scrupulous with sterilizing everything since DS doesn't need it; does that rule out the freezer stash anyway?

    Thanks for your advice!
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    Default Re: Donating pumped milk for a preemie?

    Offer! As long as your health status is clear, your milk is probably quite appropriate for your friend's baby. Her baby's doctor(s) should be able to tell her conclusively. Definitely better than formula, even if frozen. Fresh would be better, of course.

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    Default Re: Donating pumped milk for a preemie?

    The milk banks ask that you sterilize parts daily to prevent some bacteria that can be spread to a preemie. Also, let her know if you are taking any fenugreek b/c it's not compatible with some of the medications. Fresh would be optimal b/c freezing alters some of the antibodies I think.
    You are a great friend to offer.

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    Default Re: Donating pumped milk for a preemie?

    That's great that you want to donate you milk! Milk for a 9 month old is different than milk made when a mother has a preemie. It will still have a lot better nutrition than formula, but I seriously doubt the NICU will just take your milk to give to the baby. If they take any milk from someone else, it's from a milk bank where it has been sterilized and checked. I seriously caution you because there are a lot of people in the medical community up in arms about people sharing milk.
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    Default Re: Donating pumped milk for a preemie?

    You may consider donating to a milk bank in your friend's (and her baby's) honor.

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