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Thread: Seriously feeling just done

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    Default Seriously feeling just done

    DS (almost 21 months) is down for a nap, and I'm almost crying right now because I just feel so done with nursing. He was sick last weekend, so he wanted to nurse, literally, all day long (and night, too). And that's just continued into this week...all day, he's just constantly doing the nursing sign...I mean sometimes nursing for 45 minutes to an hour at a time, other times only for a few minutes but asking a few times an hour. I am exhausted and totally touched out. Last night, he was warm again (not a high fever, but definitely over 100 temp), so he was up a bunch and wouldn't be soothed at all by DH. Today, all morning long all he wanted to do was nurse. I finally had had it and started telling him, "no." I had tried everything to distract him when he kept asking -- reading, music, toys...he just kept crying and asking to nurse. He finally went down for a nap after 30 minutes of me just rubbing his back and singing to him.

    He just woke up and is sitting on my lap nursing while I type. I really need some support and advice. I don't want to wean but I need to feel comfortable putting restrictions on his nursing because I can't go on like this.

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    Sounds like he's teething. I know it sucks. Feel in his mouth to see if he's getting his two year molars. Nursing helps to ease his pain. If you think he may be teething, you might try other methods to soothe his pain. Pain medicine, Popsicles, breast milk Popsicles.

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    Is he getting that second set of molars? That might be another reason why he is nursing so relentlessly.

    My son is only 18 months, but I can relate. He has been signing milk constantly throughout the day. Literally. He will unlatch then immediately sign milk. I think he would nurse uninterrupted through the entire day if I let him. And it is exhausting. There are days when I want to rip him off of me, run out of the house, and stay gone for a week. I'm pretty sure mine is nursing nonstop because his canines are coming in, though.

    Going on outside adventures has been helping me a lot. When we are going for walks, or he's playing with other kids at the park, or I'm carrying him around town in the Ergo, he doesn't ask to nurse nearly so much. I've been taking him out 3x a day lately because it is all I can do to keep him distracted. I can also sometimes offer him a teething ring or other object to chew on after nursing him and that will distract him for a little while. Of course that obviously only works for teething, and even then it's pretty hit or miss.

    Sorry I don't really have terribly useful advice, but I mostly want to let you know that I feel your pain and have been feeling the same way recently.
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    21 months? Feel free to put restrictions on nursing. Maybe wait until he's feeling better, though. When toddlers are sick, that's the worst time to try to put any sort of weaning plan in action. They just don't have the physical or emotional resilience to shrug off what feels like a rejection to them.

    Sounds like you NEED some time away from your toddler. Is he totally mom-centric right now, or can dad take him while you go out to a movie, or for dinner with friends?
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    My 19 month old had a bad bug about a month ago and was stuck to me wanting to nurse 24-7 as well... it was driving me nuts. I was SO done with nursing at that point as well, but once this little rough patch was over I got back to enjoying our 4 nursing sessions a day. I think what helped was her getting better, but I also totally agree that passing her off to someone for a while was a lifesaver... the weekend following her sickness I just had my husband deal with her while I disappeared in the garden. By the end of the weekend she was feeling better and I think it helped her realized she would be okay if she wasn't attached to me all day long. And I got a break to regain some sanity... not always easy to find someone to takeover, but if you can...

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    My son is also almost 21 months and I have started to put restrictions. I do things like say just a moment so I can finish what I'm doing. Or cut him off when his latch turns to purely comfort. I have also been known to redirect with food or water. It's okay to limit the nursing at this stage. It is supposed to be a mutual relationship at this point.
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