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Thread: Challenges with daycare

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    Check the pages that they record feedings on. They may try combining bottles to make bigger ones so they can try to keep his feedings spaced. I would give 2.5-3oz bottles more often. Nothing bigger than that.

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    I think this chart will help you more:

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    I would be ADAMANT about the fact that no child EVER is eating 5-6oz at the breast EVER. That breastfed children need to be fed about every 2hours. NOT every 4! And that there will be absolutely no solids until the 6 month point. Back it up to 4oz if that is where you are comfortable but understand that by ALL standards you will still be allowing your child to be overfed. If your child is there for 9hours a day the outside MOST he should be getting fed is about 15oz and even that is going OVER the line of 1-1.5oz of every hour you are away from him. Besides over feeding your child this allows the daycare to SQUANDER your hard earned pumped milk. Because it's just wasted. Whether he keeps it down or not, it's more food than he needs. And really it's so they have to interact with him less. Don't allow it on ANY level.

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    you may consider letting them know other ways to comfort babe if he's still fussy after your suggested feeding (instead of more milk). i wrote a letter to the dc when we had the same issues. i included this:

    ...He should be ready to eat his first bottle around 9:30am.
    Give him 3oz. If he begins to ‘fuss’ please try and comfort him in another way. Try burping him, giving him a pacifier, hold him and walk around or bounce, put him down to play, or change his diaper. If, after you have tried these techniques, he is still upset and indeed hungry, please give him another 1-2oz.
    He fights sleep. After 5oz if he is still upset he is probably tired...
    We don’t want him to go hungry. If this isn’t working, let me know and we can adapt it. The only thing I ask is that you don’t feed him after 4:00pm, as I would like him to be ready to nurse when we get home around 5:30 or 6:00pm.

    it worked out really well for us.
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    I was really worried about this too because that sounds just like what my DCP wanted to do too. I agree with PP but just to let you know what I did...

    I played the 'OMG I didn't know this cuz I'm a new mom' card to make it seem less accusatory when talking about how the baby won't ever eat 5 oz and that he only need the 1 to 1.5 oz per hour gone, why I repackaged to 3 oz bags etc etc. Use the spit up thing its works!

    The other thing I did was try to act really natural with care providers. They do a service for you and should do what you want anyways. But like so many other service industries they sometime get crapped on and talked down to like they are stupid and good ones aren't. Since I get to go nurse at lunch I have been privy to many other convos between parents and providers and a couple of times I was shocked by the tone. I'd never talk that way to someone and then leave my kid with them! Anyways, they also have some really young parents (following advice from family) that are actually inadvertently not giving the baby enough nutrition. (long story) anyways my DCP helped her but she FFs and they know FFing but I've had to educate them on BFing.

    The other day I got a complement about being so open with them and they even ordered enough pizza for me to have some knowing that I would be there during lunch time.

    We had a rough start but with work I love my DCP now and I know they want what is best for the babies too. That being said I think they made those request because it was what they thought my LO needed, I just happened to know better. However, if you think they are doing it because they are being lazy then screw 'em and move!
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    Increasing volume of bottles seems to be the norm for formula fed babies, but not breastfed babies. For example, my friend FFs and her 6 month old son takes 8oz (!) bottles every 4 hours or so. My DS is 10.5 months and only takes 4oz bottles every 3 hours, plus solids. BM changes as the baby ages to meet their needs, so they don't need increased amounts like FF babies do. Maybe your DCP doesn't know much about breastfed babies. Educate them! Or move on. If someone spends that much time with your child, you should be able to trust them wholeheartedly and know they will do exactly as you want them to. Good luck!
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