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Thread: Sleep Issues since returning to work

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    Default Sleep Issues since returning to work

    I returned to work when my daugther was 3 months old. She was sleeping pretty good up until that point, waking only 2 times during the night to feed and doing a lot of cluster feeding during the day. I would say she was getting 8-10 feeds in during this time. Her longest stretch during the night was 5-6 hours, she was wake to feed, sleep for another 2-3 and wake to feed, sleep for another 2-3 hours and then be up for the day.

    Well, once I returned she has been waking 4-6 ( usually more like 6 times)times during the night and the only thing that will get her to go back to sleep is the breast. She also started to learn to roll over during this time, which wakes her. Sometimes she'll sleep for only 30 or 45 minutes before waking again and has a real hard time going back to sleep. Seems to be WIDE awake. It's KILLING me right now and I'm not sure what to do!!! It's as if she is a newborn. We are heading into almost a month of this behavior I knew heading back to work she would increase her feeds when I'm home, but waking 6 times to feed at night seems like a lot to me. On the days that I don't work she does the same thing......Thoughts?

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    Sounds pretty normal to me. Have you tried cosleeping?

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    Default Re: Sleep Issues since returning to work

    I hate to say it, but this sounds very normal to me. At this age many babies, including those who were "good" sleepers, return to a pattern of frequent night-waking. Developmental milestones (like rolling, then crawling and standing), teething (probably well under way by 4 months), and hunger can all conspire to create frequent wake-ups.

    Co-sleeping will probably help, if you are not already doing it. In addition, I suggest taking a look at Elizabeth Pantley's book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" for a primer on normal infant sleep and some gentle, breastfeeding-friendly ways to get babies to sleep longer and more independently.

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    Just a thought: If you ARE already co-sleeping, I wonder if that could actually be making her wake up more since you are right there? I've heard some moms get more sleep when the baby co-sleeps because they don't wake up as much when the baby eats, but if she is wide awake, that might make it harder? Every baby is different - but my friend co-slept in the early months, and her baby did what yours does; ours was swaddled in a pack and play near our bed (most of the time, with occasional unswaddled co-sleeping) and didn't. Of course if you try the latter, she may still need to be fed frequently (I think it can still be often at that age, as others mentioned), and you need to make sure you are swaddling correctly and safely - we've used the book "Happiest Baby on the Block" for that info. It's my understanding the baby should ONLY be swaddled when they are sleeping somewhere safely and not in bed with you. (I see that others on this thread are LLL leaders and I am a newbie - so of course take this all as just my opinion and personal experience!)

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