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Thread: Lots of trouble getting a good milk supply

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    Default Lots of trouble getting a good milk supply

    Hi there! So I need some advice on how to get my milk supply up. My baby is 4 weeks old and I am only getting about 1-2 oz per feed. Here's a little of my breast feeding history:
    Week 1: Had a very sleepy baby who had a hard time latching on. She lost 10% of her birth weight by day 4. She wasn't Jaundice. I went to a lactation consultant who had me begin pumping after nursing to supplement what she wasn't getting. My baby still did not gain a whole lot.
    Week 2: She only gained 4 oz, even after supplementing and still had a hard time latching on. The lactation consultant had me supplement with pumping and formula. I saw an increase in weight gain.
    Week 3: Still had a very hard time latching and feeding, so I began exclusively pumping to try and get my supply up. I was only pumping 1 oz and still supplementing with formula. I then began taking More Milk Plus. (been on it for about 5 days now). She is over her birth weight now and doing fine, but I don't want her on formula! I want to increase my supply. I've had her on the breast more and more this week. But each time, she's drained both breasts and is still starving - and when I check to see if there's anymore milk, the breasts seem to be dry.

    Sorry for the long post, but I am definitely frustrated with my body and I was wondering if any of you have any advice? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Lots of trouble getting a good milk supply

    Nurse, then pump for 5-10 minutes.

    Part of the problem is the PUMP. A baby is better than any pump. So EPing actually shoots you in the foot a bit (sorry for that bit of bad news). So nurse, nurse, nurse. If baby won't nurse, pump every 2 hours around the clock. Make sure your horns are the right size. Are you using breast compressions while nursing and pumping?

    Have you had your thyroid checked? Any chance of a retained placental fragment?

    Try giving supplements via an SNS. Tis gives your breasts more stimulation but prevents baby from developing flow preference.
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    Default Re: Lots of trouble getting a good milk supply

    I've just finished a 48 hour nursing vacation... I highly recommend it and it definitely increased my supply.

    Pumping as PP mentioned definitely isn't as good as your baby - and when I pump I very rarely get more than 2oz and that's from both breasts it takes me a few pumps over the day to get 4oz.

    Nursing vacation is where you stay in bed pretty much for 48 hours, getting up to go pee and get food if no one is around to get food for you - otherwise get your partner to get you food.

    Skin to skin, and nurse whenever she even looks slightly hungry, let her comfort nurse, just nurse her as much as you can - my LO did a lot of comfort nursing even for an hour once, and now my supply definitely has increased.
    I can pump more as well although she was nursing so often I ended up putting the pump away.

    I also took fenugreek when I was 3 weeks and that definitely helped to the point where I had to go off it as one breast had an OS ... now it's leveled out.

    There are so many things you can do increase your supply but the best I think in my limited knowledge is nursing on demand and patience

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    Default Re: Lots of trouble getting a good milk supply

    Pumps do not always yield the same amount as a baby nursing. When the baby nurses you are getting suction and pressure from the chin. I think a nursing vacation is a great idea.

    For me I had to be diligent about getting enough fluids. I had water all the time. Also, oatmeal for breakfast. I took fenugreek three times a day. I also found that eating sprouts (a mix of alfalfa and others) increased my supply.

    A good way to know if your baby is getting enough is diaper output. Count the wets and dirty diapers. 4-6 weeks is prime time for a huge growth spurt. So baby will want to nurse a ton. It doesn't mean there is a desperate lack of milk, it means your baby is working to increase the supply naturally. You will find lots of these growth spurt times and start to recognize them. Watching diaper output can give you peace of mind. Also, milk supply seems to be lowest in the evening and baby's also go through that "witching hour". So she may be fussing, but it doesn't mean she's starving.

    You've gone through so much already, congratulations for getting over these hurdles. It seems so rough initially but I promise its going to get easier. And its so worth it.
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