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Thread: Water and poop frequency

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    Default Water and poop frequency

    How much water should babies get around a year? I'd imagine nursing frequency would have something to do with it? My 11 month old is still nursing at least 8-10 x a day, and I've just offered some water in a cup here and there that she sometimes drinks really welll from and other times she just dips her fingers in when I hold the cup up to her. How do you balance water and nursing?

    Also--when should I worry about pooping being too infrequent? She just started having more formed poops but she's still only going every other day. She just pooped yesterday, which was the third day--and it was much less formed. Poops are still yellow, for the most part. She doesn't seem to be in pain, although she's teething as well so who knows. She at least didn't strain much, and given the consistency, it doesn't seem to be constipation territory. I can't get what my chiro said a couple months ago out of my head about how pooping frequency of less often than ever other day at the very least is constipation based on frequency alone. While I didn't agree with her completely, I have to admit the advice she gave me (massaging her ileocecal valve) got my DD to poop more frequently--from once a week to every other day. So, now I can't help but wonder if I should be more mindful of her pooping frequency, now that more solids are involved? Would offering more water take care of things, or should I offer more P foods? She's getting mostly protein and fat, with a few fruits and veggies thrown in the mix..

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    Default Re: Water and poop frequency

    breastmilk is a mild laxative, so it would help more than water with getting things moving.
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    Default Re: Water and poop frequency

    Mine was nursing 8-12x a day at a year, so I didn't worry too much about water. I gave him the occasional cup because he likes it. As he has gotten older, he has been able to ask for a cup and he gets water when he asks.

    Pooping every other day or even every second or third day is normal. Mine was doing that too around a year, and his pediatrician was unconcerned. I just made sure to give him peaches, pears, or plums with his breakfast.
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