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Thread: Bottles and nipples oh my!!

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    Default Bottles and nipples oh my!!

    I really need to start giving DD a bottle here and there as I am going back to work in about a month. I'm soooo scared. DS came to prefer bottles at around 6 months and refused to nurse again shortly thereafter. I continued to pump and provide him with breastmilk until he was about 14 months old. I have a VERY fast flow and he would only accept medium flow nipples when we started bottles prior to starting daycare. Even though it seemed to match my flow, it still caused problems.

    Now, my flow is still very fast. DD can drain my breast in about 4 or 5 minutes, and she nurses from one side per feeding as I believe I have slight oversupply. (She is gaining great and has tons of wets and poopies.) I do plan to start with slow-flow nipples and see how it goes, but I suspect they will be so much slower than my breast and I anticipate we may need to move to medium flow nipples. I'm just so frightened that I will lose my new little nursling to the bottles again! I'm going to try using the following bottles which have reportedly been great for breastfed babies: Medela Calma, Comotomo, or Breastflow.

    Any tips? Suggestions? Pep talks? I know she's a different baby than DD and the same thing won't necessarily happen again. But I also realize that as a full-time working Mom who breastfeeds, this is a risk and I cannot control how things turn out...
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    Default Re: Bottles and nipples oh my!!

    I has insane OALD and used Dr. Brown's bottles with stage 1 nipples and didn't have any problems. Of course it is impossible to say how well hey would work for you. You could think about switching from bottles to sippy cups when she gets a little older to try to help avoid a flow preference, but that doesn't help much now I suppose.
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