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    I'm really enjoying nursing my toddler (he's 14 months old). This morning he was nursing in bed (we bring him in during the middle of the night) and I latched him on the wrong side -- he had nursed on that side repeatidly during the night. Of course he was nursing at turbo rate trying to get the last drop of milk and I was wondering how I was going to get him off without him ripping my nipple off. Then I said to him "other side" and he popped off and I switched him! It's really cool nursing someone I can communicate with!


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    That is very cute! Mine will do the same but when he doesn't want to switch, he wil shake his head no (still attached) & whine......oh my gosh does that hurt, LOL! (He's 26 months.)

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    That is sweet! I agree that it adds a whole new aspect to the nursing relationship when you can communicate verbally.


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    That was a sweet story. Thanks for sharing. It goes to show that they understand more than we think at times!
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    Around 1o-12 months, I started to experience "touched-out"...it was a very stressful and tearful time, I was terrified I was going to explode or have to wean. It took talking about my feelings to realize what the problem was....my little needed to learn some manners! He was clawing, pinching, demanding...blah, blah. The best tool we used was negotiation. He can nurse but I would place my finger in the side an ask him to "break"....which some times is part of "Give me a break!" The point is, now, all i have to do is tape the side of his mouth and ask "break" and off he'll pop, knowing he's got a freash full side waiting. I was absolutely amazed how much easier EBF became after we began to communicate. We were also doing some very basic sign language and of course the very first signal he used was for "milk-milk", which of course, I quickly rewarded (at 12 months!) . Talk about a quick learner....that little "milk-milk" hand goes a lot! At times now I tell him to wait (wiggling fingers), ask him if he'd like some food or water, and reminding to "be nice" or "don't bite". It is incredible the communication that has developed just based on our breastfeeding! What a joy to share together. Now at 15 months he goes to get a pillow and blankie and throws them one my lap because he knows it is part of our position....lol, at least I know I'm getting it right!

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