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Thread: hormones...

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    Yes, we use lots of lube. Doesn't matter. Lube on a pinky finger will burn...wine might help though! lol
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    I agree, talk to your doctor. I had pain like that after number one and my OB gave me some kind of hormone containing cream that helped a little bit. Time helped the most, and yes it took months. I had a c-section but still had this excruciating pain during intercourse, it was even in a specific spot, and I am convinced to this day I was scrapped somehow when a doctor struggled mightily to put an internal monitor in me during labor (talk about pain-like having a baby in reverse.)

    Also agree on the lubricant. Have fun with it and try different brands, somethign in the lube might be affecting you. There is a brand that supposedly does not kill sperm (much lube does) called pre-seed. Whether or not its claims of being safe for sperm are true, it was our favorite lubricant. Felt most natural.

    And wine or whatever will relax you. The anticipation of the pain can close you up more and makes it all worse.

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    I also have the razor-blade pain, and my OB said it was from the scarring from my tear during delivery. I suspected as much. She said more sex would help soften the scar and she also gave me estrogen cream, but I have not had any time for either since I saw her a couple weeks ago! If anyone has had success with estrogen cream, I'd be happy to hear about it. Applying it is just another thing I haven't had time to think about. I'm lucky I get to brush my teeth every day!
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